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Had an entity invite me out in the bush area on January 13th, 2017. Prior to me activating the POV camera a large bipedal being ran through the bush above me for about 4 seconds or so-then complete silence. I did not see/record it.

Wood knocks on here. Another time I heard something coming toward me then stopping. With all the dead foliage on the ground it is impossible to have mass and not move without making a sound. I had seen a big spider walking on the leaves and making a sound.
Possible scream call at 20.50. This is the raw file noting has been altered or touched. I am using a POV full spectrum camera hence the pinkish hue. E.V.P. at 12.32. Woodknock at 9.50. Do you see/hear else anything on here? The bigfoot called this the day of the good moon (what I learned from an I.T.C. session-see notes further below in this post). The mesh you see on camera is part of a mosquito net on the hat I was wearing.

What lead up to me making this video was something like out of a movie and the scary part is that is true but not all is bad as I realized they were about to awaken me!  Early November an entity and approached me while I lay down in bed and tapped my head (shaking the bed while I was awake) giving me the date January 13. I am assuming that was 2017. A full moon day and a Friday. I later learned through an I.T.C. session that they wanted me to go see them and on that day was according to them a GOOD MOON, and that they LIKED me and that they were free. I have no idea why they did this. I am guessing they tapped my head to let me know it was not my imagination. I called this one an entity, maybe not the best word to use but signified that it was very powerful but earthly and LOVING.

Then on December 17th we saw a delta shaped UFO along with others following behind, 2016 which neighbours and my wife saw. The police helicopter shows up at the sighting of the last light. Using my analytical mind I thought this could be Chinese lanterns. However Chinese lanterns with hot air rise vertically and horizontally according to the wind direction. Another man suggested because the lights flickered that they must be lanterns though atmospheric conditions can make any light far away flicker which also effected those on lights on the ground in the distance. Also, these lights only moved horizontally and not vertically as normal lanterns would rise.  This series of ufo’s is on video (you can see it as one of my last videos on my youtube list Delta UFO with convoy) The NZ ‘Eagle’ police department did not respond when I sent a link of my sighting in a report.

Late December I had put my back out when lifting my son out of the cot/crib and the medics gave me strong meds (morphine) to help me walk and cope with the lower back pain. I started having bad memory lapses as a result of taking the powerful meds. They put people on this stuff when they are dying! Now the problem with the new med is that it effected my memory and coherent ability to think properly and as a result I ALSO forgot to take the antidepressant I was on which started to send me into a paranoid state of delusion. Just awful!!!

Now things got even stranger and it was not the drugs! I had psychically picked up on a strange man (who wore dark glasses and a mustache-Who has a mustache any more-that style went out in the 80’s? His name also just didn’t sit right either) in one of the small facebook groups I run. I could feel his energy and felt like he was working for the government or military and some how his strong attention was on me (I am an empath) as my wife and I went upstairs, to our amazement his friend request immediately popped up on screen! I sent him a message and told him I am a sensitive and asked if he worked for the government or military? The man acted surprised and asked me if that is how I treat my friends? Though he never denied my allegation (perhaps I was wrong on that part?)! I have picked up on people with strong intention before including an old roommate in the USA who sent me a message. I also got a psychic hit on my son’s birth date who was born weeks premature in danger for his life. The midwife wanted to postpone emergency testing but I felt we needed the test NOW. My beautiful son could have died!
Because of these strong medications I had to lay down. I felt weird and my heart was racing faster than usual. Now if you know what I have researched in recent years you will understand how I could really go down the rabbit hole on this one, one being the infamous Skinwalker Ranch and I felt I was solving the mystery there! This is where I had my first Bigfoot encounter after a rock had been tossed at us up on UFO Hill.

This event was one of the nights (I believe late December or early January 2017. Another crazy aspect was during the day there was a long, mournful, howling that cried out outside the window of which I cold not see the source. I wondered if somehow I was hallucinating? But Michelle my wife also heard it! Later that night as I struggled to deal with everything as I saw a shadow person come quickly up to me and push something into my heart area. Now I have had other dealings with the shadow creatures (not on meds.) also in the USA where they messed with my anger emotion while watching a violent movie and fled when I caught them out! They have also been watching me too quite intently. I believe too they were feeding off and ramping up my negative emotions to feed off. A hooded tall black spirit being who I had seen in various stages of my life had cut my throat as with something razor sharp. There was blood left on my pillow in the morning and a cut mark. I showed no fear to the scary being but told it to leave!

I felt like my heart was getting worse. I had also sent investigative reporter, George Knapp, who co-wrote the book, ‘Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah’, a message that I think I know what is causing much of the activity there but was a little afraid for my life and this message. After some months of research I learned that bigfoot was a lot more than just an ape or wild man. That they could vanish, change appearance, travel through portals, mindspeak, heal people, give gifts, had been witnessed boarding UFO’s etc. I had explained the government agent thing as well. We had also seen the UFO convoy near us in the past and I was wondering if pieces of the jigsaw puzzle were coming together. I knew the bigfoot had a lot to do with Skinwalker Ranch Skinwalker Ranch: Apocalypse Close Encounters maybe not all the phenomena. I also know what can happen to researchers who get too close to the truth. They die in strange ways (that was in the back of my mind.)

My wife had decided to call for an ambulance. They arrived and treated me. Looking at the prescriptions I had been taking they said you could have died! I discarded the morphine down the toilet when I found out. Though now, other things were starting to happen to me medically! I think now the bigfoot was trying to help me or even keep me alive.

I am starting to go into withdrawal from the antidepressant as I forgot to take it because of the lasting side effects of the morphine. The paranoia got worse along with heart palpitations! I could not recall the name of the road I lived on or my kids names and the fear got worse; I began to think my wife was a plant who was trying to silent me! My heart was racing. Anyway I was fortunate to live through this among other dangerous situations I have gotten into.

The I.T.C. ghostbox session I had done in January told me, that bigfoots were on that craft we had seen in mid December.

Here are some of the messages I got from my I.T.C. session:

“Bigfoot in Craft”   “You’ve seen Bigfoot in the craft  Marc” (or ?)
 “You’ve seen big Black foot in craft”

[Marc] Was it bigfoot that gave me that date?
  “Think…Bigfoot move you Marc”

[Marc] What was the howling?
   7.21 “Bigfoot help you…”

[Marc] What caused paranoia?
  9   “Brain problem”   “help marc 
we help you 7 with you” “help you ….?
”   “Health” 
9.37   “help u Marc   yes yes yes Marc”

13.40 “Eat right
”    13.45 Trick Marc
  13.51 “Eat Good Food Marc” 

[Marc] 13.53 Can you help the bigfoots communicate with me in New Zealand (I ask guides)?

14.07 “Fine”

14.12 “We’re free”

14.17 “Come back”

14.20 “Its a good moon” 
14.25 “Marc come”



Make sure to read the description below the you tube video that tells you what parts of the video to look at as this is unedited like the first one (on a full spectrum camera).


Above: one of the suspected Bigfoot structures I have photographed here in New Zealand.  Also found in North America and other places where Bigfoot habitats. I will be looking for more soon in the area

Below: one of my entries after another set of bipedal noisy footsteps approached me in the woods. 

Well, funny things happen when you go and do the leg work with the paranormal. I have a very active area that I got back from today/tonight. I had been rolling video in a bigfoot area. I had gotten a got tree knock. Found a suspect structure. While I was leaving the remote area I had to take a leak. So I put down the camera and it is still rolling, then something bipedal walks through the bush very close to me heading in my direction, I thought a stranger was about to come across me. The area had a steep bushy area and over grown old roadway that I was on. It abruptly stopped and I could see NOTHING. Must have been about 30 feet away from me. Though I am thinking I caught it on my audio. This happened to me a while ago when I was in a forest area close too here where something was approaching me and then nothing. Also the big ‘thing’ that ran close to me on a slippery slope then nothing/nada zip.

The thing is where do you draw the line between a ghost and bigfoot. Sometimes they only leave partial tracks. Bigfoot in my opinion is inter-dimensional though resides in our dimension. Their stealth is renowned. Perhaps there are different kinds that have various abilities.

This area that I went to, had a bunch of cobwebs blocking a lot of the rough track. Along with all kind of prickly plants that one needs to hack through. Maybe only the Department of Conservation people go there now and again to lay possum poison.

Problem when you go some of the bigfoot groups they don’t like anything ghost related in there too. From Skinwalker Ranch you had all this varying phenomena taking place. I’m just not new ager enough.

This is one of the homes I lived in as a boy. It was the one that we fled in terror from the poltergeist activity! Activity did subside.

This is one of the homes I lived in as a boy. It was the one that we fled in terror from the poltergeist activity! Activity did subside.

A man recently asked me what got me into the paranormal? I replied “It did!” I had not grown up in a religious home (though there was a time I was religious later.) In this article I reflect on some experiences. This is not a fairy tale but a frightening dose of reality. Some of this phenomenon was witnessed by others and some who had no knowledge of what was taking place. Some of the houses I lived in had things happen in them. Though was it because of me or events that have taken place, I am unsure? I had grown up seeing the hooded dark figures that would stand and stare at it-darker than the darkness of night. Once two dogs I had with me as a boy around 3am woke out of a deep sleep to find both dogs growling and shaking terrified looking at the stairway close to where I slept. I heard a strange muttering sound (though this was out in the country side could have been wildlife sounds at night.) Eventually I had let them run off because they were petrified going nuts and take off into the darkness. It was soon after that I witnessed one of the hooded ones that came right up to me. I had hid back in the sleep bag in shock too scared to scream. Someone we knew died later in the morning from a heart attack (were they connected I don’t know?) I was so terrified as a kid.

One family member was doing spirit communication downstairs in one place I lived in as a teen (around 12’ish) and something came through that lingered. I would be home alone and hear walking up the stairs in the house. My name being called out in whispers (I have captured similar voices talking to me-EVPs). Separate sample of EVP’s one night in America-listen with headphones (warning profanity): At home we would sometimes see this white apparition staring through the window at us and then taking off very fast. Even a neighbour (unaware of what had been happening) saw it one night at dinner at our place and was shocked. Things escalated to the point one night a rigid series of connected windows (hard to open) were slamming open ‘n shut and vibrations going throughout the whole house. The family member and I had to face what was downstairs. It was like a horror movie when I was walking down into the cold atmosphere downstairs. We could feel it watching us. We immediately grabbed my sibling at the time and left for three days. We tried to get help from people and even the local parapsychology office-though no one offered help from there. The activity from whatever it was subsided. Though this was to me poltergeist type phenomenon. I could have been the agent being a young teen and in a home that had a lot of problems.

I have had a lot of other experiences some good some bad. Assisted others dealing with hauntings with various people. I had even had my own assaults from spirits. Most were from those not liking me doing repo to help people regain their homes back from supernatural forces. That is dangerous stuff and most people have no idea how dangerous this kind of service can be. I remember a former CIA atheist man had witnessed some of these forces when myself and a companion were helping his brother who was a dentist and he was shaken after what he had witnessed.
Spiritual defense. Having said that though there was really only one that I had a lot of trouble getting rid of myself in my home. I was under siege at one point. This was something out of nightmares and there were certain signs that it was not human based. Water left overnight by my bed would turn to a pungent sulfur smell. This entity would shake my bed and scream through the mattress. Myself and a friend I had at the time both heard a growl another time by the bed. It would target me when I was on the edge of sleep and hit me as I started to doze so I could not rest. This same entity had punched me twice in the face and hit another person in the face who had astral traveled to my room to try to help.

I have also had to deal with shadow people sometimes I can see them though they hate to be seen or detected. Some people are unaware that they attract these and they walk around infested like a house with a bad bug problem. Some of them feed off our energy fields. Trouble makers can really drain us and cause or ramp up emotional problems etc.

We are energy and that energy can attract likewise whether other people or/and the unseen. Some of the my family members have had similar/shared experiences to me though they tend to keep things to themselves which I can understand. We are like actors on a stage and there are eyes watching us.
I get quite a few earth-bounds coming to me asking for help. I do crossings with helpers sometimes as a service. If they know you can sense or see them you are going to get attention and some of that very unwanted so boundaries and respect is very important. Though I find I need to be in a high vibration to do this.

I had a close encounter with a silver vertical oblong craft in Southern Nevada a couple of years back and two strange tall individuals while out prospecting who looked inside my car windows when I was returning to it. I nearly had an accident arriving at the location but felt a strange compelling to pull off the road. Was like an episode out of the X-Files. Account here:…/31/first-close-up-ufo-encounter Though I had seen inter-dimensional intelligences and was not too phased by experiences having this close encounter in broad daylight close-up did shock me.