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Hear Bigfoot speak (inter-dimensional audio repeated message)! Marc was invited to speak about New Zealand’s Bigfoot by reality TV stars in the USA. One celeb swears at Marc for reporting the strange phenomena associated with his Bigfoot encounter.

Marc also talks about some of the history of Bigfoot in NZ and sightings by various people including some modern encounters from people Marc has recently interviewed. Near the end of the podcast, a Bigfoot researcher comes on and talks about seeing one go invisible.

What is this?

This is from a zoomed in cropped picture I took when I was doing field research last year. I was reviewing my canon SLR photos and found something strange in a photo taken in a ravine where I get strange interaction. This area is closed/restricted to the general public. There are no bears, monkeys or gorillas here in New Zealand. This is a place where strange voices can be heard, footprints are found in wild, deep bush, tree knock sounds ring, bi-pedal footsteps are heard. With me on this day was the first person besides myself to go to the area, Devon who found footprints and heard singing from the area.

In this link you can hear some of the typical interaction that I get in this ravine. Headphones advised:

Next time I am back out there I will see if I can recreate the shot and see if anything could be mistaken. You can find anomalous calls, footprints and other info in earlier posts.

For historical information on New Zealand’s Bigfoot go here: