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A podcast interview I conducted with Mike Paterson of Sasquatch Ontario on you tube this past Monday. I was able to spend two hours asking him questions about his experiences with a family of Sasquatch in Canada and his audio recordings of their vocals including SPEECH. I also discuss some of my strange encounters recently in the New Zealand bush and Skinwalker Ranch including video footage. We also discuss sasquatch having abilities beyond a normal flesh and blood creature. I share also some of my video footage of snapped big trees here in my research area. Also found large human like tracks in this area. NOTE: I am working on a new documentary about Moehau Man, New Zealand’s bigfoot, and looking for anyone that has had real encounters and experiences with them in the North Island particularly around the Auckland and Coromandel areas. Here in New Zealand there has been a veil of secrecy on peoples’ sightings in the media, particularly in recent years. I have spoken with and read peoples’ encounters anonymously online. Many people do not want to be made fun of. I can also hide people’s identities on camera, if need be. Please contact me on the link at the top.NZ_Bigfoot_Tree_Structure©MarcCoppellIMG_3279IMG_3250