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Bigfoot Declassified



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Caution: podcast contains content which some might find disturbing. Marc Coppell’s exclusive podcast interview with ufologist, former soldier and abductee, Olando Medina, about a troubling UFO close encounter event at seven years of age. In what could be termed like a modern scene out of War of the Worlds involving a number of terrified civilians, sirens and landed aliens in the Bronx, New York in 1977. Orlando bears a mysterious alien surgical scar from one of his encounters. As a former member of Las Vegas UFO Hunters I came across Olando and his amazing account of dangerous aliens that landed in his suburban neighbourhood. He describes how their technology was able to immobilise his cousins and remove any memories except failing on him. People were screaming, he exclaims. An elite ‘Men in Black’ type of unit shows up to deal with the e.t. force. He witnesses death during an ensuing skirmish. Olando was explicitly warned about talking regarding the incident from one of the men in black. Hear Olando speak out of the shadows of silence on record for the first time!



A podcast interview I conducted with Mike Paterson of Sasquatch Ontario on you tube this past Monday. I was able to spend two hours asking him questions about his experiences with a family of Sasquatch in Canada and his audio recordings of their vocals including SPEECH. I also discuss some of my strange encounters recently in the New Zealand bush and Skinwalker Ranch including video footage. We also discuss sasquatch having abilities beyond a normal flesh and blood creature. I share also some of my video footage of snapped big trees here in my research area. Also found large human like tracks in this area.


When Ghosts Attack: Washoe Club Most Haunted Video


From the main street

The Washoe Club is one of the most haunted historic locations in “The West” aired on SyFy’s, ‘Ghost Hunters’ and Travel Channel’s, ‘Ghost Adventures’. The building has earned its place among the top haunted locations. View our spooky video with many ghosts!

A giant explosion from a man’s stored dynamite and other volatiles in an old apartment, along with his pet monkey, killed some ten people (back in the late 1800’s), including a family of three and  an eight year old girl; even a man on the street passed into the eternal realms as a mishap of timing to this event. The ghost of a drug abusing man whom committed suicide still lingers in dark corners and also the ghost of the beautiful blue lady, called Lena, whom is considered to have possibly died from falling down the spiral staircase or maybe even murdered! The whiny, whom I call Mr. Grumpy Pants, hates people. You hear him on our spirit-box growling at us to, “Leave!”. I picked up his anger and displeasure of our company as we explored the second-level prior to any vocal warning. He sent a spiritual attack on my teenage daughter (dizzy and sick-to-the-stomach) and my son, James, had his energy drained, but the angry spooks didn’t stop there!

I pick up on a negative energy in a room where I felt an invisible “keep out” sign. A woman yells at me, “Mark-keee”, which we heard with our ears. My young teenage children looked in shock, shouting at me, “Dad someone is pulling your pants!” as I talked into the camera lens in the hallway. In part of the video footage you can see something pulling on my trouser leg, although I am blissfully unaware of what was happening at the time. Voices through the spirit box warned us to “Leave” multiple times! I felt like many faces were staring at me as though I was interrupting their treasured poker game. One might miss assume that we were there to cause havoc. But quite the contrary, we were very respectful of those in spirit. We did not hear most of the words of “leave” and moved when we feel like some were angered.

Then there is the pervert male ghost who touches women. Well we captured his voice as he approached, Michelle, saying “woman” in a perverted voice.

The shrieking spectral cries live on; a crypt and a museum devoted to its deadly past. The crypt area served as an overflow morgue when the ground was too frozen to bury the bodies in winter. Considered to be one of the best haunted places in Western America, only the daring, brave, and stupid spend the night here. Bar man, Barry Fox, whom I interviewed, told me of two paranormal investigators who fled the crypt area. I assumed they had somehow antagonized the ghostly residents.

Our static-motion detecting specter camera’s audio picked up a “Get Out!” and three thumps (what it sounds like on the stairs). Here people get touched, poked, pulled, and pushed. Names get called here; I recorded my name being called several times in the past. Sometimes shadowy dark masses appear without warning. People have run screaming from this locale. Taunting ghosts here is not advisable.

After doing two separate ghost hunts here, I have not been disappointed. The spirits here are ‘active’ intelligences whom may call your name. They told me the name of their venue twice. I saw plenty of infrared light anomalies on camera here, as seen on TV shows.

I’m even visited by some of its friendly ghosts to this day as recorded in some of my recent ghost box sessions.

Restoration work is in progress. They conduct ghost tours and also overnight ghost hunts as seen in our youtube video.

Thanks to owner, Scott Burrell, and the wonderful staff there. We had a great time (and a few scares).


Are hauntings and ghosts real!? An ecto-plasmatically, insightful interview by researcher and investigator, Marc Coppell, with Psychic Medium, show host, researcher, remote viewer, writer, consultant, Tuesday Miles. She has taught classes on spiritual self-defense, developing metaphysical gifts, and paranormal investigating. She has been a victim of spirit assault and compassionately has empowered others worldwide in dealing with serious entity invasion in their homes and lives. Tuesday has also worked on missing pet and person cases. She was a friend of the late psychic, Peter James. Has also associated with parapsychologist, Dr. Barry Taff, and cameraman, Barry Conrad, who have been involved in severe haunting cases that have gained global attention in the news and various media.

A resident of California, she is now retired from investigating. Tuesday still lives with one foot in the spirit world. She has had her own near-death experience which she recounts.




Documentary to film Black Sky Project-first prototype near-space balloon solar rocket
aims for history books. 

The multi-tiered balloon launch will take place in a remote desert location away from populated areas, airports, and restricted zones.

What would happen if you let a giant balloon rocket go on the edge of space? How far would it go in a near vacuum with little to no friction? 
The stratosphere is a deadly, inhospitable environment to most life-forms and here we find the ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful solar, ultraviolet radiation; the sky changes from blue into black.

The un-manned balloon craft made of several large latex weather balloons will ascend at around 1,000 feet per minute (the rate of a normal weather balloon) to an approximate altitude of 115,000 feet through the use of lifting gas and darkened, passive, solar heated material. The tens of thousands of cubic feet of expanding (non-polluting) gas will be released through two pvc rocket nozzles (very lightweight and there is no heat transfer).  Small and lightweight reflective particles will be ejected at the time the thrusters go on-line and could be seen by those on the ground looking in Black Sky’s direction. Initial speed will be close to the speed of sound.

The elementary rocket engine design will function very efficiently at high altitude. This will be affected by the remaining positive buoyancy of the craft. The lightweight rocket will be tens of thousands of feet above commercial airspace. This prototype combined lighter-than-air/solar/gas rocket is the first of its kind and could very well enter the history books.

Black Sky Project won’t attain a high velocity such as with traditional rockets and will not maintain a low earth orbit (If it reaches that far.) It is designed to ascend vertically and fall back with Earth’s gravity back to Earth via parachute once all gas is expelled. It will not re-enter the earth’s atmosphere fast enough to require special heat shielding. The direction of the nose will be aimed skyward and controlled by an anchor pendulum system. The circular, lightweight payloads are designed to be aerodynamic and equipped with drop stabilizer fins to curtail vigorous spinning (this frequently occurs with near-space balloon payloads) on re-entry into the atmosphere. The exterior shells of the payloads will be coated with Aerogel recently developed by NASA. It is the lightest and lowest-density solid known to exist and holds various records known also for its high-insulating qualities.

For safety the un-manned craft will carry a regulation radar reflector and strobe and follow FAA FAR101 regulations. Also a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) will be filed as a precaution alerting all planes in the region. This is not a rockoon (rocket launched from balloon) and much safer. 

The goal of Black Sky Project is to test a prototype propulsion system to discover if it is possible to use such a craft for high-altitude experiments, observations, and possibly break some altitude records in the process. It has an optional cut-down timer if the balloon drifts for a time and does not enter into the thruster phase. It has a radio beacon among other electronic tracking, sensing, and reporting devices.
It will potentially create a new category of un-manned, near-space craft. It will adhere to FAA’s FAR101 regulations and will be using an Eagle Flight Computer. Its chief designer is a former ISS (International Space Station) flight controller. 

BU-60 Japanese polyethylene film balloon holds the highest record of 173,900 ft.

 Bello Mondo Amateur radio high altitude balloon holds the record of 145,590.60 ft.

Come and support the project at: