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When Ghosts Attack: Washoe Club Most Haunted Video


From the main street

The Washoe Club is one of the most haunted historic locations in “The West” aired on SyFy’s, ‘Ghost Hunters’ and Travel Channel’s, ‘Ghost Adventures’. The building has earned its place among the top haunted locations. View our spooky video with many ghosts!

A giant explosion from a man’s stored dynamite and other volatiles in an old apartment, along with his pet monkey, killed some ten people (back in the late 1800’s), including a family of three and  an eight year old girl; even a man on the street passed into the eternal realms as a mishap of timing to this event. The ghost of a drug abusing man whom committed suicide still lingers in dark corners and also the ghost of the beautiful blue lady, called Lena, whom is considered to have possibly died from falling down the spiral staircase or maybe even murdered! The whiny, whom I call Mr. Grumpy Pants, hates people. You hear him on our spirit-box growling at us to, “Leave!”. I picked up his anger and displeasure of our company as we explored the second-level prior to any vocal warning. He sent a spiritual attack on my teenage daughter (dizzy and sick-to-the-stomach) and my son, James, had his energy drained, but the angry spooks didn’t stop there!

I pick up on a negative energy in a room where I felt an invisible “keep out” sign. A woman yells at me, “Mark-keee”, which we heard with our ears. My young teenage children looked in shock, shouting at me, “Dad someone is pulling your pants!” as I talked into the camera lens in the hallway. In part of the video footage you can see something pulling on my trouser leg, although I am blissfully unaware of what was happening at the time. Voices through the spirit box warned us to “Leave” multiple times! I felt like many faces were staring at me as though I was interrupting their treasured poker game. One might miss assume that we were there to cause havoc. But quite the contrary, we were very respectful of those in spirit. We did not hear most of the words of “leave” and moved when we feel like some were angered.

Then there is the pervert male ghost who touches women. Well we captured his voice as he approached, Michelle, saying “woman” in a perverted voice.

The shrieking spectral cries live on; a crypt and a museum devoted to its deadly past. The crypt area served as an overflow morgue when the ground was too frozen to bury the bodies in winter. Considered to be one of the best haunted places in Western America, only the daring, brave, and stupid spend the night here. Bar man, Barry Fox, whom I interviewed, told me of two paranormal investigators who fled the crypt area. I assumed they had somehow antagonized the ghostly residents.

Our static-motion detecting specter camera’s audio picked up a “Get Out!” and three thumps (what it sounds like on the stairs). Here people get touched, poked, pulled, and pushed. Names get called here; I recorded my name being called several times in the past. Sometimes shadowy dark masses appear without warning. People have run screaming from this locale. Taunting ghosts here is not advisable.

After doing two separate ghost hunts here, I have not been disappointed. The spirits here are ‘active’ intelligences whom may call your name. They told me the name of their venue twice. I saw plenty of infrared light anomalies on camera here, as seen on TV shows.

I’m even visited by some of its friendly ghosts to this day as recorded in some of my recent ghost box sessions.

Restoration work is in progress. They conduct ghost tours and also overnight ghost hunts as seen in our youtube video.

Thanks to owner, Scott Burrell, and the wonderful staff there. We had a great time (and a few scares).



See youtube video here. Waikumete Cemetery was established in 1886. There are over 70,000 buried here and one of the largest cemeteries in the southern hemisphere. Marc interviews Te Oka Toia from Auckland Ghost Tours about its grim history, and his own paranormal experiences growing up in the area. Marc alone armed with a bagful of paranormal gear, spends a cold night here. One of the most spooky aspects was picking up a child’s and baby’s voice. Someone/thing is captured on static camera steering in Marc’s direction. Part of this graveyard made Marc sick to the stomach during daylight hours.

In an interview with KCOR digital radio’s ‘The Paranormal Vault’ about this cemetery and general ghost hunting discussion: Radio Interview
The Paranormal Vault Show Page





Author/researcher (multiple books on Skinwalker Ranch) Ryan Skinner, who also runs, gives me interesting information about our experience with having a rock thrown at us on UFO Hill. The “halloween pumpkin” ghost-like anomaly footage that was caught on my point-of-view camera, a Sangean and PSB-7 intel ghost box session done in New Zealand, I ask disembodied intelligences what is going on over at Skinwalker Ranch. Some responses include “bigfoot” and “demon”. Not necessarily what I thought from reports. Then again, these intelligences were stealthy and cunning. Robert Bigelow’s science team “N.I.D.S.” found that out. The scientific method doesn’t exactly work on higher intelligences that know what you are doing, don’t like to be recorded, and don’t repeat the same manifestations. Retired army intelligence officer Col. John Alexander who was part of their research team said, “I called it a pre-cognitive sentient intelligence. It certainly seemed to be intelligent and it seemed to know what we were going to do even before we did it.”

Ryan Burns, a local author/researcher gave me some advice about the most active times at the ranch, “It has slowed just a little but on full moons and new moons. It seems to be even more active than before with the cold. Also, if there is a storm taking place it rises in activity in my opinion.” We indeed had encountered storm activity in early July of 2013. With that weather we got very windy conditions that played havoc on my various microphones and shaking the car. Even using fluffy “Softie” mic covers did not work very well in strong wind gusts. Take it or leave it, I was going to film there in good or bad weather. There was a pay-off for my efforts.

For more information on Skinwalker Ranch I recommend reading my earlier posts.

This is one of the homes I lived in as a boy. It was the one that we fled in terror from the poltergeist activity! Activity did subside.

This is one of the homes I lived in as a boy. It was the one that we fled in terror from the poltergeist activity! Activity did subside.

A man recently asked me what got me into the paranormal? I replied “It did!” I had not grown up in a religious home (though there was a time I was religious later.) In this article I reflect on some experiences. This is not a fairy tale but a frightening dose of reality. Some of this phenomenon was witnessed by others and some who had no knowledge of what was taking place. Some of the houses I lived in had things happen in them. Though was it because of me or events that have taken place, I am unsure? I had grown up seeing the hooded dark figures that would stand and stare at it-darker than the darkness of night. Once two dogs I had with me as a boy around 3am woke out of a deep sleep to find both dogs growling and shaking terrified looking at the stairway close to where I slept. I heard a strange muttering sound (though this was out in the country side could have been wildlife sounds at night.) Eventually I had let them run off because they were petrified going nuts and take off into the darkness. It was soon after that I witnessed one of the hooded ones that came right up to me. I had hid back in the sleep bag in shock too scared to scream. Someone we knew died later in the morning from a heart attack (were they connected I don’t know?) I was so terrified as a kid.

One family member was doing spirit communication downstairs in one place I lived in as a teen (around 12’ish) and something came through that lingered. I would be home alone and hear walking up the stairs in the house. My name being called out in whispers (I have captured similar voices talking to me-EVPs). Separate sample of EVP’s one night in America-listen with headphones (warning profanity): At home we would sometimes see this white apparition staring through the window at us and then taking off very fast. Even a neighbour (unaware of what had been happening) saw it one night at dinner at our place and was shocked. Things escalated to the point one night a rigid series of connected windows (hard to open) were slamming open ‘n shut and vibrations going throughout the whole house. The family member and I had to face what was downstairs. It was like a horror movie when I was walking down into the cold atmosphere downstairs. We could feel it watching us. We immediately grabbed my sibling at the time and left for three days. We tried to get help from people and even the local parapsychology office-though no one offered help from there. The activity from whatever it was subsided. Though this was to me poltergeist type phenomenon. I could have been the agent being a young teen and in a home that had a lot of problems.

I have had a lot of other experiences some good some bad. Assisted others dealing with hauntings with various people. I had even had my own assaults from spirits. Most were from those not liking me doing repo to help people regain their homes back from supernatural forces. That is dangerous stuff and most people have no idea how dangerous this kind of service can be. I remember a former CIA atheist man had witnessed some of these forces when myself and a companion were helping his brother who was a dentist and he was shaken after what he had witnessed.
Spiritual defense. Having said that though there was really only one that I had a lot of trouble getting rid of myself in my home. I was under siege at one point. This was something out of nightmares and there were certain signs that it was not human based. Water left overnight by my bed would turn to a pungent sulfur smell. This entity would shake my bed and scream through the mattress. Myself and a friend I had at the time both heard a growl another time by the bed. It would target me when I was on the edge of sleep and hit me as I started to doze so I could not rest. This same entity had punched me twice in the face and hit another person in the face who had astral traveled to my room to try to help.

I have also had to deal with shadow people sometimes I can see them though they hate to be seen or detected. Some people are unaware that they attract these and they walk around infested like a house with a bad bug problem. Some of them feed off our energy fields. Trouble makers can really drain us and cause or ramp up emotional problems etc.

We are energy and that energy can attract likewise whether other people or/and the unseen. Some of the my family members have had similar/shared experiences to me though they tend to keep things to themselves which I can understand. We are like actors on a stage and there are eyes watching us.
I get quite a few earth-bounds coming to me asking for help. I do crossings with helpers sometimes as a service. If they know you can sense or see them you are going to get attention and some of that very unwanted so boundaries and respect is very important. Though I find I need to be in a high vibration to do this.

I had a close encounter with a silver vertical oblong craft in Southern Nevada a couple of years back and two strange tall individuals while out prospecting who looked inside my car windows when I was returning to it. I nearly had an accident arriving at the location but felt a strange compelling to pull off the road. Was like an episode out of the X-Files. Account here:…/31/first-close-up-ufo-encounter Though I had seen inter-dimensional intelligences and was not too phased by experiences having this close encounter in broad daylight close-up did shock me.

Haunted Man

One might ask why I call myself the haunted man. Here are some E.V.P. samples obtained from an overnight sound activated audio session in my bedroom in early 2011 recorded after 12.30a.m. Forgive the snores. I had been seeing a lot of spirit light movements in my room. I also had heard voices talking around me when I would lay down at night. I knew if I ran a digital audio recorder overnight that I would capture their voices. These are some of them. I have no idea what caused the sharp increase in activity at the time. A word of caution about recording activity in your own home that it can ramp up activity or even investigators coming over to record and contact spirit forms in your space can do the same. I have dealt with spirits and ghosts all my life and can deal with most trouble makers. Though most are decent. People often fear that something unknown is evil. I live in an apartment complex. Some voices are too high in tone to pass through thick walls-these are not my fleshy neighbors. NOTE: Profanity Warning. Best listened to with headphones.

Also attached is a recent unedited short clip from my “Black Sky Project” documentary in progress (October 2013.) Even doing non spirit work I capture their voices (captured with a Rode video mic.) Now one voice at the very beginning sounds like me and could be. There are two short EVPs in this. One says “Please Please” very fast (my daughter thought it could be her.) The other around the 47 second mark is strange…I’ve captured another similar E.V.P. at Foxridge Park in Henderson, Nevada.

A small group of us from the original investigation nearly witnessed Jason (usually a solo investigator) getting pushed to his death after being lured up two levels within the mine through male voices via the ghostbox. Hear the ghostly hounds from beyond who’s owners abandoned them to a long death also. This documentary illustrates how dangerous paranormal investigating can be and even more so within the dusty blackness of the mines. Caution to any considering doing this to check that the property is not privately owned and safe enough to venture into (many in which are not). Also with the right safety gear. (Note all mines have an element of risk) The United States Labor Department has a mantra for would be explorers “Stay Out! Stay Alive!” I do echo what they say as person/s are injured or die each year from mine property accidents. You might find ghosts in the mines and perhaps some from more recent times just don’t become one yourself!