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Skinwalker Ranch: Apocalypse Close Encounters



It took three years, two countries, balls of element 113 and Batman vision to complete this piece! Full version in the works…

UPDATE (December 2016): The road leading up to the front gate is now owned by Robert Bigelow. Apparently from reports (in the past) the caretakers of the ranch have been terrorized by thrill seekers and UFO Buffs who have managed to evade security and  transverse the property to the house.


Did I capture what Robert Bigelow’s N.I.D.S. scientific team could not on camera (at least anything revealed to the public)? As someone who had been in a home that had poltergeist activity (my family fled) in New Zealand in the 1980’s in which others witnessed occurrences. Having also had a daytime close encounter with a metallic oblong shaped craft along with two strange beings in early 2013, in the Southern Nevada desert. I’m known as the “Haunted Man”, who puts a lot of thought and work into my videos had been part of and associated with paranormal teams in Las Vegas. I was immediately interested in the Skinwalker Ranch story on hearing it through an old radio broadcast. I had to go. Limited on funds I waited for the right time to make the long road trip to North Eastern Utah. I took with me an array of night vision gear and other devices that I had used for ghost hunting.

I produced this the second of two documentaries on this area of high strangeness. The first was mostly an exclusive interview with local Ute spiritual man, Larry Cesspooch who recounts the goings on in the region, and what has happened to some of the Ute tribal members. I was to discover that this place lives up to its name. A possible frightening Bigfoot encounter, EVP’s, ghost box responses and strange anomalies (caught on I.R. camera.) Hold onto your shaking seat! Meet some of the locals in the Utinah basin during the night observations. Shot with storms on the horizon and blustery wind conditions.

One interesting piece of electronic voice phenomenon that got captured up there on UFO Hill said “Countdown to being poor.” Was this some kind of premonition E.V.P.?

In months after going to Skinwalker Ranch. I ended up with a con man (pro squatter) roommate who replaced a former roommate who had jumped the apartment lease that stole our food, refused to pay rent, and did drugs (in denial) in our place when we just had baby Karina. The police refused to do anything. Yes, shame on me for not doing a background check on him. I continued to have relationship issues. Ironically we ending up having to move into Bigelow’s Budget Suites in Las Vegas. Though looking over the back wall there were homeless people living in cardboard boxes next to the railway line. I should be grateful in comparison. Things became even worse when I realized after moving to New Zealand that there were too many people seeking employment within the creative industry. Despite have oodles of years of experience. I could not get employment in my field. Some positions had some 600+ applicants. The career prospects were dim with so many applicants. Perhaps too because a lot of firms did not want to employ someone with senior experience when they could get some with a few years under their belt for cheaper.

The job aspect was only one part of the drama. I was to encounter. Family fights and marital problems rocked my world. I had not lived in my home country for nearly two decades. Nearly a year after returning to my homeland I found myself still unemployed and in terrible mental despair. We resorted to turning to the Salvation Army to help us with food etc. The high demand for housing in Auckland meant that everything was very expensive. When you live on an island even groceries are around double or so compared to the U.S.A. (depending on the item.) We ended up in a boarding house. I was financially consumed and devastated. We burned through our savings. Had gotten a little help when we arrived from family members. I could have picked up a bum job (as I had done in the past) but it in no way would cover the high cost of rent. Houses were averaging around a million dollars in Auckland. It was sounding like another California though an island. There had been mass immigration to New Zealand in recent years. There were a lot more people than jobs. I found myself sinking deeper into depression and a failure as a husband and father. I had gone to the doctor several times and started counselor sessions to help deal with the various issues.

It seems that that e.v.p. was a forewarning! We became poor and desperate. I found myself fuming inside unable to sleep trying to figure out what to do next. We all slept in the tiny shoebox of a living room (two babies and two adults.) We were back in the beauty of God’s zone, New Zealand but unable to enjoy the surroundings due to need to survive and grow in a financial sense. Come to discover a tenant upstairs above us had gotten busted for running a meth lab. Family members stopped calling, much to do with conflicts with my wife. I wondered if some how I had gotten some kind of curse from Skinwalker.

Larry Cesspooch after hearing some of my troubles kindly prayed for us during the sweat ceremony recently. There are real dangers associated with paranormal investigating ( Dangers of Paranormal Investigating ,) some overt and others covert. You can see in my Jubilee Mine youtube video where a man we were with was nearly pushed to his death on an elevated mine platform. You can even hear the taunting voices bad and good luring him up a ladder (go to my youtube links section on the top of this page or Haunted Man Youtube link )

For more information on Skinwalker Ranch CLICK HERE

Close Encounter

Little A'Le'Inn (outside the front)

Little A’Le’Inn (outside the front)

I put a lot of time into my videos and it means that I don’t get to put them out frequently as I would like to. Though I hope you appreciate the work that I put into them. For me if I don’t feel like it’s not worth the effort then I wont put in the hours. Content is king with me and “REAL” content. Honestly the real stuff is often stranger than the ideas Hollywood could come up with. Look at the Skinwalker Ranch case over in Northern Utah. I know some researchers who travel at great cost to themselves to experience some of the things for themselves. I had spoken to one of “The Fire in the Sky-Travis Walton case” logger witnesses who goes to Skinwalker Ranch area just to re-experience and capture ‘E.T.” kind of phenomenon.

There are many that will fake something to get attention, views and sales. This kind of marketing of crap gives the real stuff a black eye. For one it is harder to sift through and find the real stuff. For example type into youtube “ufo” and see how many hoaxer videos you find. Some make a living off the millions of views. Fake stuff sells though at the cost of losing all credibility to themselves. It is surprising to me. Though a subject that garners attention. Some are very easy to debunk and others it may be hard to tell if you aren’t a CGI, video or photographic professional (even then a challenge) and who has the time to spend to examine pixel by pixel? I have spent many hours and often alone with my infrared night scope pointed skyward in the hopes of capturing something interesting. For me the food service analogy that goes “when in doubt throw it out”. I can’t allow wishful thinking to influence my judgement. I have to have an open mind no matter where it takes me. What if there is no afterlife? I have to ask myself what then are these other generally unseen intelligences that know me and my name (including rare last name) that I have heard, seen and recorded. If they are real then are they ALL ‘demons’ as some religious people would put it? Do I have mental issues and am I hallucinating all this? Then it must be a mass hallucination or optical illusion that makes others have the same experience and leave physical marks. Tongue in cheek there. Can you tell?

This site is about all things paranormal and what I can capture to show you that there’s something else going on out there. I wish that I could have captured half the things I have seen on camera. Then again seeing is not necessarily believing is it? I know a parapsychologist who (generally very skeptical) placed an video clip on his facebook page about “Alien bodies” from the moon. When I looked at the footage aboard the so called spacecraft I noticed there was still gravity in a weightless environment. Later it was revealed a sculptor had made these fake alien bodies. He did a good job with the bodies I must admit. Sometimes even the best (with an open mind) can be fooled. As it is said “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”. Though what is that exactly? A piece of metal made out of elements not on earth? Though when that kind of evidence comes forward it seems to disappear again never to be heard of again. Then we have radar tracks, ground impressions, trained observer witnesses, radiation burns and strange implants etc.

In this new video, my family and i take a trip to the bounds of Area 51. The famous not-so-secret military airbase where they test and develop prototype military planes. A former co-worker of mine told me how her husband had been hired to do work out there and said he was personally escorted under armed guard and even into the bathroom area. I fly my phantom one quadcopter (with mounted Gopo) up from Groom Lake road some 400 feet or so into the air into restricted airspace. Probably one of the first people to do this. I noticed after this r.c. flight that they stepped up their vehicle patrols right up to the highway 375. My daughter Shannon films the flight from the ground. It goes so high that it becomes hard to pilot visually and with the strong cross winds makes it very risky. We drive up to the bounds of the main entrance before the invisible red line of freedom and no freedom. See the so called “cammo dudes” vehicle watching us.

Next we go to the Little A’Le’Inn not far from here is a small desert town called Rachel. There is no other drinking hole for many miles. I learned about the ‘haunted trailer’ from another paranormal investigator in Vegas. Staff and guests a like have similar reports of voices and strange sounds. Even the TAPs production crew had witnessed a fold-up chair unfold itself as reported to me by staff. What did I or didn’t I capture there? Watch the video to find out. We also did skywatching by the highway and ran a ghostbox session. Also an evp session with no ghostbox. A nice location because there are not many radio station signals out there, few to no planes and no light pollution.

If anything with my videos I hope to inspire some of you to go out there and see what you can find. Just don’t be too shocked if you do.

This is one of the homes I lived in as a boy. It was the one that we fled in terror from the poltergeist activity! Activity did subside.

This is one of the homes I lived in as a boy. It was the one that we fled in terror from the poltergeist activity! Activity did subside.

A man recently asked me what got me into the paranormal? I replied “It did!” I had not grown up in a religious home (though there was a time I was religious later.) In this article I reflect on some experiences. This is not a fairy tale but a frightening dose of reality. Some of this phenomenon was witnessed by others and some who had no knowledge of what was taking place. Some of the houses I lived in had things happen in them. Though was it because of me or events that have taken place, I am unsure? I had grown up seeing the hooded dark figures that would stand and stare at it-darker than the darkness of night. Once two dogs I had with me as a boy around 3am woke out of a deep sleep to find both dogs growling and shaking terrified looking at the stairway close to where I slept. I heard a strange muttering sound (though this was out in the country side could have been wildlife sounds at night.) Eventually I had let them run off because they were petrified going nuts and take off into the darkness. It was soon after that I witnessed one of the hooded ones that came right up to me. I had hid back in the sleep bag in shock too scared to scream. Someone we knew died later in the morning from a heart attack (were they connected I don’t know?) I was so terrified as a kid.

One family member was doing spirit communication downstairs in one place I lived in as a teen (around 12’ish) and something came through that lingered. I would be home alone and hear walking up the stairs in the house. My name being called out in whispers (I have captured similar voices talking to me-EVPs). Separate sample of EVP’s one night in America-listen with headphones (warning profanity): At home we would sometimes see this white apparition staring through the window at us and then taking off very fast. Even a neighbour (unaware of what had been happening) saw it one night at dinner at our place and was shocked. Things escalated to the point one night a rigid series of connected windows (hard to open) were slamming open ‘n shut and vibrations going throughout the whole house. The family member and I had to face what was downstairs. It was like a horror movie when I was walking down into the cold atmosphere downstairs. We could feel it watching us. We immediately grabbed my sibling at the time and left for three days. We tried to get help from people and even the local parapsychology office-though no one offered help from there. The activity from whatever it was subsided. Though this was to me poltergeist type phenomenon. I could have been the agent being a young teen and in a home that had a lot of problems.

I have had a lot of other experiences some good some bad. Assisted others dealing with hauntings with various people. I had even had my own assaults from spirits. Most were from those not liking me doing repo to help people regain their homes back from supernatural forces. That is dangerous stuff and most people have no idea how dangerous this kind of service can be. I remember a former CIA atheist man had witnessed some of these forces when myself and a companion were helping his brother who was a dentist and he was shaken after what he had witnessed.
Spiritual defense. Having said that though there was really only one that I had a lot of trouble getting rid of myself in my home. I was under siege at one point. This was something out of nightmares and there were certain signs that it was not human based. Water left overnight by my bed would turn to a pungent sulfur smell. This entity would shake my bed and scream through the mattress. Myself and a friend I had at the time both heard a growl another time by the bed. It would target me when I was on the edge of sleep and hit me as I started to doze so I could not rest. This same entity had punched me twice in the face and hit another person in the face who had astral traveled to my room to try to help.

I have also had to deal with shadow people sometimes I can see them though they hate to be seen or detected. Some people are unaware that they attract these and they walk around infested like a house with a bad bug problem. Some of them feed off our energy fields. Trouble makers can really drain us and cause or ramp up emotional problems etc.

We are energy and that energy can attract likewise whether other people or/and the unseen. Some of the my family members have had similar/shared experiences to me though they tend to keep things to themselves which I can understand. We are like actors on a stage and there are eyes watching us.
I get quite a few earth-bounds coming to me asking for help. I do crossings with helpers sometimes as a service. If they know you can sense or see them you are going to get attention and some of that very unwanted so boundaries and respect is very important. Though I find I need to be in a high vibration to do this.

I had a close encounter with a silver vertical oblong craft in Southern Nevada a couple of years back and two strange tall individuals while out prospecting who looked inside my car windows when I was returning to it. I nearly had an accident arriving at the location but felt a strange compelling to pull off the road. Was like an episode out of the X-Files. Account here:…/31/first-close-up-ufo-encounter Though I had seen inter-dimensional intelligences and was not too phased by experiences having this close encounter in broad daylight close-up did shock me.

This is where the apparition of a small boy is said to appear.

This is where the apparition of a small boy is said to appear.

Captured some class A E.V.P.’s and interesting direct responses were attained recently at Foxridge Park in Henderson, Nevada, U.S.A. A couple even had non-American accents (not me either.) See youtube link below:

Please if you “like” the captures/video please do so. These are the real deal and very close to us. Captured mostly on a video shotgun Rode mic.