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This is where we stayed and visited the haunted trailer where both staff and guests have had experiences.

This is where we stayed and visited the haunted trailer where both staff and guests have had experiences.

One of the warning signs found at the boundary on Groom Lake Road

Area 51 security observing us from nearby

Area 51 security observing us from nearby

Area 51, United States Air Force facility, a famous not so secret base known also as Homey Airport and Groom Lake. Subject of dreams or nightmares or neither? Highly guarded without a wall or fence around its perimeter. Though patrolled regularly and watched with sophisticated intruder detection, video and listening devices.  Known for its testing of spy aircraft such as the U-2, A-12, SR-71 and Stealth technology. I take a trip to the dusty, bumpy Groom Lake Road leading to Area 51. Where I pull over and fly my quadcopter in restricted military airspace. I believe I am the first to do this as when I revisited after, I noticed their patrols extended beyond the base confines and there were more guard (cammo dude) patrols.

I take it as high as I can visually before it becomes a dot (orientation becomes difficult even with a bright LEDs). You will notice on video that it’s windy even on the ground and higher up worse! These were very perilous flying conditions and then the thought of radar picking up my drone and investigating us. We then go to the legal border surrounding Area 51 where security personnel actively perch in their positions ready to pounce as a warning to anyone that dares cross the line. Our mile long dust cloud we create is a dead giveaway. Also in my video you will see something to watch out for that could be very hazardous to your well being driving in that region and I’m not just talking about rattlesnakes in season. Holy cow what could I be talking about?

Rachel, Nevada is a tiny town in the arid wasteland of the Southern Nevada. It has a population of 54 as determined by the 2010 census. You best have a near full petrol tank when coming out here. We park and stay at the Little A’Le’Inn. We have joined Las Vegas UFO Hunters in this region a couple of times. Staff and guests report of sounds and disturbances in Trailer unit #2. Kindly one of the staff allows my family and I to run a ghost box session in here before the booked guests arrive. Even the TAPs road crew had an experience here. Apparently too recorded on camera.

We do a skywatch, E.V.P. and PSB7 shielded ghost box session under a cold, starry, stunning night. We were parked close to the highway in utter darkness with no one living around us. Sexuality and spirits. Well you don’t hear about this much. But you will find that not every need dies with the body. I advise listening with headphones to hear what the spooks have to say. Perhaps this is something extra to send chills down your spine. So now I hope I wet your digital appetite to see the video itself. This footage is real and not doctored in any way. No company tells me what I can or can’t put into my shows. There is plenty of fiction out there but that stops with me. The ghosts of Rachel are calling you!!! Don’t turn back now…

Close Encounter

Little A'Le'Inn (outside the front)

Little A’Le’Inn (outside the front)

I put a lot of time into my videos and it means that I don’t get to put them out frequently as I would like to. Though I hope you appreciate the work that I put into them. For me if I don’t feel like it’s not worth the effort then I wont put in the hours. Content is king with me and “REAL” content. Honestly the real stuff is often stranger than the ideas Hollywood could come up with. Look at the Skinwalker Ranch case over in Northern Utah. I know some researchers who travel at great cost to themselves to experience some of the things for themselves. I had spoken to one of “The Fire in the Sky-Travis Walton case” logger witnesses who goes to Skinwalker Ranch area just to re-experience and capture ‘E.T.” kind of phenomenon.

There are many that will fake something to get attention, views and sales. This kind of marketing of crap gives the real stuff a black eye. For one it is harder to sift through and find the real stuff. For example type into youtube “ufo” and see how many hoaxer videos you find. Some make a living off the millions of views. Fake stuff sells though at the cost of losing all credibility to themselves. It is surprising to me. Though a subject that garners attention. Some are very easy to debunk and others it may be hard to tell if you aren’t a CGI, video or photographic professional (even then a challenge) and who has the time to spend to examine pixel by pixel? I have spent many hours and often alone with my infrared night scope pointed skyward in the hopes of capturing something interesting. For me the food service analogy that goes “when in doubt throw it out”. I can’t allow wishful thinking to influence my judgement. I have to have an open mind no matter where it takes me. What if there is no afterlife? I have to ask myself what then are these other generally unseen intelligences that know me and my name (including rare last name) that I have heard, seen and recorded. If they are real then are they ALL ‘demons’ as some religious people would put it? Do I have mental issues and am I hallucinating all this? Then it must be a mass hallucination or optical illusion that makes others have the same experience and leave physical marks. Tongue in cheek there. Can you tell?

This site is about all things paranormal and what I can capture to show you that there’s something else going on out there. I wish that I could have captured half the things I have seen on camera. Then again seeing is not necessarily believing is it? I know a parapsychologist who (generally very skeptical) placed an video clip on his facebook page about “Alien bodies” from the moon. When I looked at the footage aboard the so called spacecraft I noticed there was still gravity in a weightless environment. Later it was revealed a sculptor had made these fake alien bodies. He did a good job with the bodies I must admit. Sometimes even the best (with an open mind) can be fooled. As it is said “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”. Though what is that exactly? A piece of metal made out of elements not on earth? Though when that kind of evidence comes forward it seems to disappear again never to be heard of again. Then we have radar tracks, ground impressions, trained observer witnesses, radiation burns and strange implants etc.

In this new video, my family and i take a trip to the bounds of Area 51. The famous not-so-secret military airbase where they test and develop prototype military planes. A former co-worker of mine told me how her husband had been hired to do work out there and said he was personally escorted under armed guard and even into the bathroom area. I fly my phantom one quadcopter (with mounted Gopo) up from Groom Lake road some 400 feet or so into the air into restricted airspace. Probably one of the first people to do this. I noticed after this r.c. flight that they stepped up their vehicle patrols right up to the highway 375. My daughter Shannon films the flight from the ground. It goes so high that it becomes hard to pilot visually and with the strong cross winds makes it very risky. We drive up to the bounds of the main entrance before the invisible red line of freedom and no freedom. See the so called “cammo dudes” vehicle watching us.

Next we go to the Little A’Le’Inn not far from here is a small desert town called Rachel. There is no other drinking hole for many miles. I learned about the ‘haunted trailer’ from another paranormal investigator in Vegas. Staff and guests a like have similar reports of voices and strange sounds. Even the TAPs production crew had witnessed a fold-up chair unfold itself as reported to me by staff. What did I or didn’t I capture there? Watch the video to find out. We also did skywatching by the highway and ran a ghostbox session. Also an evp session with no ghostbox. A nice location because there are not many radio station signals out there, few to no planes and no light pollution.

If anything with my videos I hope to inspire some of you to go out there and see what you can find. Just don’t be too shocked if you do.

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The Valley of the Orbs, west of Las Vegas is a location that I have traveled to a number of times to skywatch. This I have done alone and at times with one of my Meetup groups, Las Vegas UFO Hunters. It is located close to the highway near Blue Diamond. This footage I had briefly gone over. I had initially thought that what I saw was a meteor. Though upon recent inspection of the footage I realized the object could not be a space rock as it made a 90 degree turn mid sky and appeared self guided/propelled (even turns behind the mountain). It moved at tremendous speed and I was very fortunate to be pointing in that direction. If I blinked I would have missed it. What do you think it is?
Is it really a meteor that bounced off the atmosphere and then re-entered?
What is suspect is that it is descending into military controlled airspace where experimental testing has been done over the years.

I am one that gets frustrated with low resolution footage though the sky is dark and only decent night-vision is going to work. Just don’t have the budget for an expensive military grade night vision system. This was captured on a Yukon Ranger digital night vision device.


I took my kids and girlfriend up to Rachel, Nevada recently. Flew my Phantom quadcopter up on Groom Lake Road leading up to the main gate. This could be dangerous and illegal considering the locale. I don’t recommend doing this near the base. Video of the trip is in process.

You cannot see the actual base in this but it’s hell of a view of the surrounding area.




Many of you have heard of Charles Hall who worked on the formerly named Indian Springs Air Force Base in Nevada now called Creech Air Force base. He was a weatherman there and supposedly not under the same oath of secrecy as other enlisted men and women. I went to his lecture at the Clark County library in Las Vegas last week. He claims to have witnessed and met races of aliens called “The Tall Whites”, “The Grays” and “the Norwegians” there and that the military had allowed the tall whites to have a base there in exchange for technology. He wrote “Millennial Hospitality” a series of books about them, only changing some of the names etc. His wife told me to stop videoing his presentation and announced to me that there were plenty of videos on him on youtube. Gees if this is real and one of the most important messages for mankind it only comes with dollar signs attached!  As for my experiences they are freely and openly given so we all can seek the truth. I understand people seeking donations to help them get the message out.  I have seen some amazing things myself though I report on them for free and openly on the internet regardless of any ridicule.
He has a great scientific knowledge and sometimes went to pretty deep for the average person.
There were four ranges that he had access to. He said the Tall whites had the best technology.
The Norwegians kind took them 20 years (traveling 9 times the force of gravity) to travel here to Earth. He mentioned there being other fields that could be used to help in space travel other than electric, magnetic,  gravity, strong nuclear, weak nuclear such as anti gravity…  dark matter and using quarks… He has a master’s degree in nuclear physics with training in microbiology.
He saw the tall whites in the desert and would think that he was dreaming or nuts. He said seeing the tall whites crafts some 18 miles away was blinding even losing sight for half an hour after seeing them and feared permanent eye damage being out in an isolated area (sounds like the kind of energy from a nuke bomb).
He said the E.T.s are flesh and blood creatures like us and have to live by the same rules of physics, nutrition, economics, military science and logic that we do. (paraphrased)
The Tall Whites like the temperature warmer than us. The Norwegians liked it colder than us though prefer colder places than the desert. The Greys like the desert.

He also said the Roswell incident was real and was a disaster for the Gray’s as they lost a lot of children from the crashes.

He said it took him 6 months to get over his fear of the tall whites but also the new arrivals also had the same challenge of the humans on the base.
The Tall Whites when they first come here they have to prove to their generals and our generals that they wont panic and kill people as they are well armed. This was for technology transfer. The newbies would be sent to Charles to see how they coped with being around a HUMAN.

One has to wonder after multiple encounters with the aliens that none were photographed or filmed in any way. And with such an amazing account of continued close encounter contact that other witnesses would not come forth to support his story (maybe there were others?). I should imagine that it could not be kept a secret long. I understand some of other weathermen previous to Charles had been killed or were terrified over such encounters at the base and demanded reassignment.

I tried to get a question in on the question and answer portion of the lecture but few got the chance and his answers were long winded. I wanted to ask if any other servicemen could verify what he had seen. Wish I could have asked some questions though even afterwards the library staff was kicking us out.

He does seem sincere in what he says. Though I would say better save your bucks and see videos of him online or read the books instead as the information seemed to reiterate what was already in the books.

If anyone knows any other witnesses to the goings on over at Creech A.F.B. please contact me.