1. Paul Shishis says:

    Hi Marc.
    I just read of a encounter you had in Jan.
    Very interesting and understand the turn around of thinking.
    I understand about keeping camera ready.

    I have been filming since 2005.
    What these eyes have seen in the past have been missed on film
    So I understand your frustrations and now you know

    Thanks for sharing your incredible experience
    As I’m sure more has followed * : *

    Enjoy Paul Shishis Ontario Canada


  2. Paul Shishis says:

    Absolutely on their terms when they do appear
    Yet – one can sometimes get that early warning ‘ feeling ‘ before they will appear *

    Enjoy the photographic evidence ~


  3. Mike Dugan says:

    Hey Marc,I loved the interview with Larry regarding the Skinwalker area in Utah.You introduced me to Kelly and Dianna,with Piton.I love watching your videos.Wish I could have worked with you while you were still living in Las Vegas.If you ever comeback for a visit,would love to meet for lunch or something.Take care, Mike Dugan,fellow paranormal investigator.


    • mrnewzealand says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful message Mike. Always nice to hear from good people like yourself. Not sure if/when I would be back to visit. A bunch of bad things happened that lead to the move. Some good things as well. It is nice to be back by the beach. I am glad you doing well over there. Spirits are everywhere. Helps keep one on their toes so to speak.




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