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Caution: podcast contains content which some might find disturbing. Marc Coppell’s exclusive podcast interview with ufologist, former soldier and abductee, Olando Medina, about a troubling UFO close encounter event at seven years of age. In what could be termed like a modern scene out of War of the Worlds involving a number of terrified civilians, sirens and landed aliens in the Bronx, New York in 1977. Orlando bears a mysterious alien surgical scar from one of his encounters. As a former member of Las Vegas UFO Hunters I came across Olando and his amazing account of dangerous aliens that landed in his suburban neighbourhood. He describes how their technology was able to immobilise his cousins and remove any memories except failing on him. People were screaming, he exclaims. An elite ‘Men in Black’ type of unit shows up to deal with the e.t. force. He witnesses death during an ensuing skirmish. Olando was explicitly warned about talking regarding the incident from one of the men in black. Hear Olando speak out of the shadows of silence on record for the first time!


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The Valley of the Orbs, west of Las Vegas is a location that I have traveled to a number of times to skywatch. This I have done alone and at times with one of my Meetup groups, Las Vegas UFO Hunters. It is located close to the highway near Blue Diamond. This footage I had briefly gone over. I had initially thought that what I saw was a meteor. Though upon recent inspection of the footage I realized the object could not be a space rock as it made a 90 degree turn mid sky and appeared self guided/propelled (even turns behind the mountain). It moved at tremendous speed and I was very fortunate to be pointing in that direction. If I blinked I would have missed it. What do you think it is?
Is it really a meteor that bounced off the atmosphere and then re-entered?
What is suspect is that it is descending into military controlled airspace where experimental testing has been done over the years.

I am one that gets frustrated with low resolution footage though the sky is dark and only decent night-vision is going to work. Just don’t have the budget for an expensive military grade night vision system. This was captured on a Yukon Ranger digital night vision device.

Upon returning to my homeland of New Zealand, I started searching for good resources about ‘local’ ufo sightings.. Skywatching was not going to end in the Southwestern region of the United States for me. After spending time with groups such as Vegas Valley Paranormal, Las Vegas UFO Hunters, MUFON, Las Vegas Starseeds and others my thirst for answers only increased. My boots on the ground investigator philosophy had to be coupled with research if I was to increase my odds of more sightings in future.

I did discover a good web site that runs field investigations and has a variety of reports from pilots, civilians, police officers and military etc. and is run by professionals.
Thanks to director Suzanne Hansen of UFOCUS for allowing me to repost one of their articles regarding Silver Bullet sightings.

Silver Bullet sightings – UFocus.