I created this site for those interested in paranormal phenomenon and those dealing with things they don’t understand (if it is indeed has a supernatural cause.) I liked the idea of creating a video blog as it for one thing is more entertaining. It can be terrifying having something moving around in your own home, making itself known or perhaps too it could be something that replays itself like a tape recorder that gives no response to you in anyway.

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand I grew up with numerous paranormal phenomena since a young boy. Experiencing out-of-body travel, witnessing both good and bad spirit forms including my family being forced in horror film like fashion out of our home in the mid 80’s due to powerful poltergeist activity. My background gave me an insatiable thirst for answers regarding “life beyond life” which led me across the globe. As a teen I called up a talk back radio station to try to get clients for potential investigations before ‘paranormal investigation shows’ were prominent in the media back in the early 80’s.

In university I wrote a paper on the reality of near-death-experiences. I’m an eager student of the metaphysical and sensitive to the energy around me. I need no convincing of ‘things unseen’ instead desiring to help others who might be living in fear, to document and gain an understanding of what is occurring. Also being involved in clearing negative energy from several people’s homes including a doctor and dentist. I have been a victim of attack who has compassion on those dealing with supernatural energies. I am also about helping the lost souls out of their mental prisons, of course it is up to them if they even want or need help. Though my videos usually don’t show this I feel it is important not to make light of their misfortune. In times past I have used provoking, though after some thought I decided that this is not moral. One it can make your prone to attacks and attachments which I know some love to see for ‘drama’ purposes or for ratings as on T.V. Two I treat others as I would be treated call it karma or whatever you may.

I’m a professional graphic artist at an ad agency who also is engaged in creative photography on the side. I have been a campus newspaper graphic designer, photographer and writer. I loves water sports including scuba which I was frequently engaged in back at my homeland and living on my father’s 60 foot yacht. I’m currently working on my own near-space project in which he hopes to break the world record for the highest altitude attained by amateur deployed unmanned weather balloons and also using a new prototype design that has never been used before. This is called “Black Sky Project”. I also will make a documentary of my attempt (pending funds). I’m a divorced father of two children whom I love spending time with.

What you see on here is real and not doctored up other than editing for time and amplifying sounds or video using filters to make more viewable or audible. I normally ask those in spirit for their permission or cooperation to be recorded when I do investigations.

UPDATE: I have taken further interest not only in ghostly phenomena but UFO’s and Big foot. Encounters I had in 2013 while living back in the USA sparked a big interest in what is going on? I joined Las Vegas UFO Hunters after my experience with a mercury-like oblong craft in the Southern Nevada desert while prospecting a desert area along with two strange identically dressed tall thin ‘people’ who took interest in ‘me,’ the one who’s car was parked out there. They looked into the windows of my parked Mitsibushi Montero Sport.

Months later I took a trip with my then girlfriend, Michelle, up to Skinwalker Ranch, Utah. I went there to look primarily for UFO’s but instead had strange light anomalies fly anomalies past my face (against the strong wind) and then later, bigfoot-like experiences over on UFO Hill. After returning back to New Zealand, my experiences did not stop, this time though I had other witnesses with me. A strange astral being approached me and invited me out into a local bushland, forest area. This being pushed my head in bed shaking it (third eye area) to make me realise, that it was not a dream and gave me a date to go to them. The date was what they called a good moon, a full moon-January 13, 2017. Which I found out from an I.T.C. instrumental trans-communication session. In the bush area I had a large bi-pedal being run close to me then vanishing. We have no bears here and only large game is scattered throughout New Zealand is deer. Later I heard wood knocks and strange sounds. Previously going to this area. I heard what bigfoot researchers call samurai chatter, and tree snaps along with something large approaching me in the undergrowth then dead silence.

Prior to European landings here in New Zealand, the geographically isolated Maori people told stories similar to the American Indians of ‘wild men’ or ape-like beings that were stronger than their most fierce warriors. Who also threw rocks (which this culture could not have known about from those in other parts of the world.) You can see my big footing video here in New Zealand and hear some of the strange sounds I describe.

you tube video recommended (read descriptor)

Be brave, you are about to drop further down the rabbit hole with me!

Please note this is a mostly a video blog. Most of the content is in the videos themselves on you tube so please subscribe. Scroll down through the posts to find more videos. Thanks for watching!

Marc Coppell






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