Bigfoot Ghosts & UFO—Are these the real deal?

Posted: October 9, 2019 in Various Investigations and thoughts


IMG_5125One of the latest strange prints found

A brief compilation of captures from the past several years doing paranormal investigating by myself or one of my team at the time.

Captures from Foxridge Park in Henderson, Nevada. The little boy ghost who is said to haunt the swing set. The Washoe Club in Northern Nevada, a place that lives up to its ghostly reputation. Where something seemingly grabbed my leg on camera. Optical illusion or not? Watch that plus the voices that yell at us to “leave” the area. Were we attacked by some kind of energy on camera? We sure felt sick together at the same time.

Discovery of an strange footprint in a wild area, restricted to the general public. Other strangeness has taken place is this area including wood knocks, bi-pedal approaches, strange voices etc.


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