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Have you ever wondered about the ghosts that might hang around active hospitals? Marc goes to Auckland hospital for emergency surgery in late 2018. On recovery in hospital he decides to do an impromptu Electronic Voice Phenomena (or E.V.P.) session with his digital voice recorder. Around 2am Marc does a session while everyone is sleeping. Marc may well be the first person to do this as an inpatient. Don the headphones and listen for the creepy voices and strange sounds…
While in hospital three of us including a surgeon saw a facet turn on and off by itself (in this hospital but not recorded at the time). Hear some strange voices as I am getting rolled on a gurney through a hallway.
Auckland hospital is one of the largest in New Zealand. The original wooden hospital preceding on site existed from 1846 to 1877. The current building has completed in 1967. During the severe Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 which is estimated to have killed some 50 to 100 million world wide and some 8,573 people in New Zealand, many corpses had to be loaded from the hospital onto funeral trains and buried in a mass grave at Waikumete Cemetery in West Auckland. Some hospital stuff also succumbed to the virus—dying in treating the sick. You can see my ghost hunt at Waikumete Cemetery here: A deathly person with turn purple and body turned black as they fell mortally to the sickness.
During early morning hours there is less chance of sound interference on the audio recorder. The night duty nurses’ station was at least two hallways away. Strange knocks captured on audio could be responses to Marc’s questions. Hear whispers of “Marc”… Listen with the doors locked, the curtains pulled and a crucifix in hand!