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I keep coming back to this hidden location. No one knows of it and it’s hard to get to. There are a variety of interactions I have gotten here in the past. In this video I posted a couple of days ago on youtube there are some a dozen plus EVP’s or electronic voice phenomena in the short video. This is how active the research area is. I have also had multiple bi-pedal approaches here and some have come right up to me and I could not see what or who it was! Listen to this unedited raw piece of footage with a good pair of headphones…

Callouts: EVPs 0:16 Marc 0:21 “Dark good?” 2:01 ? fem 5:44 …. Marc and 5:53 “Onan nappoooo”? Strange language EVP 8:22 “Very Shy” EVP says the same thing as me at the same time (hard to hear on the uploaded version). That is not a stray radio signal and some might infer. This area I have had bi pedal approaches. Wood knocks. Found several trees torn down at the same time plus finding strange lone footprints in the middle of nowhere off track.

A comment and further findings from User Bradwick1 on youtube:

Wow this is a great spot for evp. They seem concerned for your safety. It appears steep but difficult to tell from video until you look down the side of the slope and see the angle of the trees. Lots of chatter. 0:11 fem voice whisper “Don’t walk it” 0:20 “Take a look n go” 0:48 “Take care” 2:01 male voice sarcastic “thaats easy!” 2:07 “woah, you sure?” 3:23 whisper “Its too high” 4:11 cant tell if tree pop was from you or distant. 4:41 whisper “It isnt safe to walk here..come on” 5:45 faint male voice “All of those sticks around your head/neck?” 5:51 fem voice “make it? can you make it?” 7:00 fem whisper answers you “Then dont go too close” Great EVPs but that degree of risk is unnecessary. Find safer, level ground. They will probably come in closer. Fantastic place!