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NOTE: I was using a POV go pro in a watertight case. I had a seperate external mic for sound though it picks up my movement etc. (not ideal but best I could do at the time.) The post zoomed-in footage was done in software because it was a passive small camera. I had no time to pull out the bigger video cameras in this segment.

Best listened through headphones. You can hear the movement etc. I have had interactions in this area several times already including bi pedal footsteps approaching then nothing. Here they are banging on a tree twice to get my attention. They then shook the tree. Listen for electronic voice phenomena in this as well. Also I shout ‘whoop’ three times and I get a fourth (quieter than me) ‘whoop’ back in response that is not me or an echo! Listen carefully to the audio with headphones.

The general public does not know about this area. There are geographical features that make it an ideal hide away. It is hard to find/get to. In the dozen or so times I have been here I have never come across any other people. I have gotten tree knocks, found interesting structures, gotten ‘samurai chatter,’ evp’s and strange solitary foot prints.

This is what I believe to be happening. They know I’m coming through their today. I brought with me treats for them. They knock on the tree twice and shake it to let me know they are there. If you listen through headphones (recommended) you can hear the snaps etc. The ground was very slippery and made it pretty hazardous on the slopes.


I made three whoop sounds but there is a fourth one which is not me (heard through ear phones).

I did not notice any birds from the tree area with the movement. Can you see anything/hear anything else? Post it. In New Zealand we have no bears or monkeys.