Anomalous object descents into Groom Lake region at enormous speed

Posted: June 13, 2015 in UAP
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The Valley of the Orbs, west of Las Vegas is a location that I have traveled to a number of times to skywatch. This I have done alone and at times with one of my Meetup groups, Las Vegas UFO Hunters. It is located close to the highway near Blue Diamond. This footage I had briefly gone over. I had initially thought that what I saw was a meteor. Though upon recent inspection of the footage I realized the object could not be a space rock as it made a 90 degree turn mid sky and appeared self guided/propelled (even turns behind the mountain). It moved at tremendous speed and I was very fortunate to be pointing in that direction. If I blinked I would have missed it. What do you think it is?
Is it really a meteor that bounced off the atmosphere and then re-entered?
What is suspect is that it is descending into military controlled airspace where experimental testing has been done over the years.

I am one that gets frustrated with low resolution footage though the sky is dark and only decent night-vision is going to work. Just don’t have the budget for an expensive military grade night vision system. This was captured on a Yukon Ranger digital night vision device.

  1. Michelle Coppell says:



  2. DeeAnn & Tomas says:

    Hi Mark, miss you guys. About a month ago we spotted an object similiar but not moving as fast and it was visible to the naked eye. It was in the same area as this object. Appear left side of the big dipper, moving slightly downward and heading right then turned downward and went behind the mountain in the same area as this. When I saw that it reminded of this video of yours.

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    • mrnewzealand says:

      Thanks for your message DeeAnn. I do miss a lot getting out with you guys under the stars and the little old coffee shop meetings as well. I am wondering if there some kind of base in that region (where they are landing). We know there is the Groom Lake Facility along with other installations. Seeing/catching them is very difficult because of the speed they move. I saw something else similar above the skies in Arizona too just across the Colorado River. The craft are faster than any satellite and comparable with a meteor shooting into the atmosphere.


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