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The Valley of the Orbs, west of Las Vegas is a location that I have traveled to a number of times to skywatch. This I have done alone and at times with one of my Meetup groups, Las Vegas UFO Hunters. It is located close to the highway near Blue Diamond. This footage I had briefly gone over. I had initially thought that what I saw was a meteor. Though upon recent inspection of the footage I realized the object could not be a space rock as it made a 90 degree turn mid sky and appeared self guided/propelled (even turns behind the mountain). It moved at tremendous speed and I was very fortunate to be pointing in that direction. If I blinked I would have missed it. What do you think it is?
Is it really a meteor that bounced off the atmosphere and then re-entered?
What is suspect is that it is descending into military controlled airspace where experimental testing has been done over the years.

I am one that gets frustrated with low resolution footage though the sky is dark and only decent night-vision is going to work. Just don’t have the budget for an expensive military grade night vision system. This was captured on a Yukon Ranger digital night vision device.