Alien Sangean Ghost Box Response in Nelson, Nevada?

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Various Investigations and thoughts
Some of the family in Nelson

Some of the family in Nelson

Above: youtube video of the otherworldly responses here in Nelson-recommended watching

The first video post of 2015 and the last while I remain in the United States. I had to return to the area where I had a close encounter with a metallic, oblong-shaped U.F.O. and two tall strange individuals whom inspected the inside of my SUV car windshield soon after the sighting. While I spotted them hiking back to the road (related or not I can only speculate), the self-propelled silent craft flew less than half a mile away from me on the ground through a small gap in a mountain ridge to the North West of my position. The rocky valley is a mishmash of ancient volcanic rock – a place that one could imagine as a scene in a movie like Star Wars. I originally come from Auckland where there are some 53 volcanoes. Here is a place with a lot of iron sand and beautiful quartz crystals which adorn the dark, glassy, brittle rock.

I have returned near to this vicinity a few times since then by myself and sometimes with the Las Vegas UFO Hunters and the occasional member of MUFON for skywatching armed with my Yukon Ranger digital night vision. I hoped to have another otherworldly encounter with supporting footage, perhaps to my potential peril, though my thirst for answers would not be quelled by lack of evidence, fear of death or abduction. I decided that I would seek out the local spirit population for answers. The result was multi-word answers during fast split-second channel skips where multiple answers should not have occurred. I had recently acquired a hard to come by early model DT-200X Sangean ghost box which is not made anymore. Not included in the brief video is a number of the unwelcome voices telling us to “leave” though the tune changed when they realized I wanted to help. Debunkers would say the responses are mere spattering of radio stations or mere CB transmissions. While yes that does come through. I had used two layers of faraday material and also some foil to help block out regular radio broadcasts (I honestly don’t want to waste my time with that). Some feel that the radio vocals help the spirits piece together words, though they certainly can do that with just audio recorders only having white noise.

It is heartbreaking for those who do paranormal investigating where they capture voices calling for HELP. This is very common for E.V.P.s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and Spirit-box sessions. After having out-of-body experiences as a kid and being a weightless, pin-prick of consciousness left to my very own thoughts and emotions, for me it was a bit of a freaky experience like standing on the edge of a cliff. Though some might find riding a roller coaster great fun as adrenaline junkies do, I did not. After a traumatic leaving your body experience could be very frightening, I know from near-death studies that many don’t feel that way at all, even after an earth-shattering departure. Still, some fall through the cracks in the astral world. Freedom of choice is honored even in the afterlife even those that refuse the heavenly realm beyond the tunnel of light.

Still interesting was a response when I asked if there were any Alien spirits present, in which I got a strange “Hellloo”. You can read more information on the spirits of the mines in Nelson. Look up the previous Jubilee Mine investigation on Are these voices mere radio spatter? You decide.

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  2. Tuesday Miles says:

    Hard for me to hear the words said, I do know Marc, and the hard dedicated work he puts into investigations. Marc has a calmness with him which the spirits can pick up, they are willing to communicate with him, as you can tell when one of them called Marc Stupid, he did not bat an eye, and just carried on the session, I learned much from Marc his courage to find the missing answers, whatever it takes, his willingness to share his info he discovers and to document his work, then to post it for others to have. Well Done Marc !!!


  3. […] Alien Sangean Ghost Box Response in Nelson, Nevada? […]


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