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This is from a park that is well known as ‘Haunted’ here in Nevada… called Foxridge Park over in Henderson. Now the story is a little boy died while crossing the road to the park that he loved going to. Now I have only edited down for time sake. He only showed up on the Infrared footage while reviewing. We could not see him live. Also the swing area is very dark.
Now there is a possibility that he could be a reflection of some water sprinkler puddles that form near the bench. He is not a lens reflection. There is a steel fence right by the swings. Though no child’s head can fit through the bars either with about a 4″ gap between. I ask for spirits permission to film them. What do you think? I have also captured voices calling out my name in this park and picked up class A EVPs here too.

I am wrong about the name Derek, but the name “Branson” came through when I asked the name of the little boy from another time.