Charles Hall and the Tall White (lies?)

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Various Investigations and thoughts
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Many of you have heard of Charles Hall who worked on the formerly named Indian Springs Air Force Base in Nevada now called Creech Air Force base. He was a weatherman there and supposedly not under the same oath of secrecy as other enlisted men and women. I went to his lecture at the Clark County library in Las Vegas last week. He claims to have witnessed and met races of aliens called “The Tall Whites”, “The Grays” and “the Norwegians” there and that the military had allowed the tall whites to have a base there in exchange for technology. He wrote “Millennial Hospitality” a series of books about them, only changing some of the names etc. His wife told me to stop videoing his presentation and announced to me that there were plenty of videos on him on youtube. Gees if this is real and one of the most important messages for mankind it only comes with dollar signs attached!  As for my experiences they are freely and openly given so we all can seek the truth. I understand people seeking donations to help them get the message out.  I have seen some amazing things myself though I report on them for free and openly on the internet regardless of any ridicule.
He has a great scientific knowledge and sometimes went to pretty deep for the average person.
There were four ranges that he had access to. He said the Tall whites had the best technology.
The Norwegians kind took them 20 years (traveling 9 times the force of gravity) to travel here to Earth. He mentioned there being other fields that could be used to help in space travel other than electric, magnetic,  gravity, strong nuclear, weak nuclear such as anti gravity…  dark matter and using quarks… He has a master’s degree in nuclear physics with training in microbiology.
He saw the tall whites in the desert and would think that he was dreaming or nuts. He said seeing the tall whites crafts some 18 miles away was blinding even losing sight for half an hour after seeing them and feared permanent eye damage being out in an isolated area (sounds like the kind of energy from a nuke bomb).
He said the E.T.s are flesh and blood creatures like us and have to live by the same rules of physics, nutrition, economics, military science and logic that we do. (paraphrased)
The Tall Whites like the temperature warmer than us. The Norwegians liked it colder than us though prefer colder places than the desert. The Greys like the desert.

He also said the Roswell incident was real and was a disaster for the Gray’s as they lost a lot of children from the crashes.

He said it took him 6 months to get over his fear of the tall whites but also the new arrivals also had the same challenge of the humans on the base.
The Tall Whites when they first come here they have to prove to their generals and our generals that they wont panic and kill people as they are well armed. This was for technology transfer. The newbies would be sent to Charles to see how they coped with being around a HUMAN.

One has to wonder after multiple encounters with the aliens that none were photographed or filmed in any way. And with such an amazing account of continued close encounter contact that other witnesses would not come forth to support his story (maybe there were others?). I should imagine that it could not be kept a secret long. I understand some of other weathermen previous to Charles had been killed or were terrified over such encounters at the base and demanded reassignment.

I tried to get a question in on the question and answer portion of the lecture but few got the chance and his answers were long winded. I wanted to ask if any other servicemen could verify what he had seen. Wish I could have asked some questions though even afterwards the library staff was kicking us out.

He does seem sincere in what he says. Though I would say better save your bucks and see videos of him online or read the books instead as the information seemed to reiterate what was already in the books.

If anyone knows any other witnesses to the goings on over at Creech A.F.B. please contact me.

  1. Ryan Burns says:

    Excellent report. Thanks for the time you spent on this research and accuracy of your report. It is greatly appreciated.


  2. George Wilson says:

    3 possibilities :

    1. This really happened.
    2. He believes this happened but he just imagined it (possible mental disorder brought on by stress).
    3. He’s totally making it up for some money (those books are not cheap and there are what 5 volumes?).

    I’m guessing either 1 or 2.


  3. Arizona Chris says:

    I bought his first book after watching several video’s regarding his encounters, it was all very interesting for the most part and as much as I truly wanted to believe this all to be truth, however, part way through book the bolloon started losing it’s air rapidly. Some of his visual descriptions involving far distances and being able to describe things in fine detail left me in doubt and questioning a few things. Example, part way through the book he speaks of seeing the reaction of a Tall White from a great distance “flenching” in reaction to the coversation he was having with another military person on a phone.

    Their is other various things described at a great distances that I find impossible to believe given the simple laws of physics. Through my own experience while living in different desert elevations, central Arizona to the high desert plains of New Mexico, I was also involved in the NRA for most of young adult life, I did a lot of target shooting (with out using a rifle scope) I had really good eye sight. I’m also quite familiar with the southern Nevada desert.

    A human especially one who posse’s superior eye sight can see most obvious things from far distance. However, it’s impossible to see half of the “very fine details” he claimed that he seen through his own eyes or that of other military people that he described in his book. Being able to see bright lights is different matter, light it’s quite possible to see by everyone, but I invite you to test the distance yourself, send someone 2 miles out in the Nevada desert or any desert for that matter and see if you can see if theyre smiling, describe their height, and facial appearance.


    • mrnewzealand says:

      He also mentions being blinded by the very very bright light given off by the attire of these beings from miles away. I should imagine that such powerful lights would be seen by those on the highway near Creech Airforce Base. The truth should be able to endure scrutiny. Thanks for the feedback. If anyone can answer these questions I would love to hear back from them especially anyone with first-hand experience in the area.

      I had my own strange encounter in another Nevada location and would be willing to go on a polygraph over it.


  4. david says:

    where there is smoke there is fire..there is something to this story…


  5. Rod Butler says:

    I have had an interest in other races in the universe since high school after reading the first books on the “Roswell Incident” This was in the mid 50s and little green men were rumored and we were beginning to talk about a space program.I spent an enlistment in the USAF and never heard about this subject again until the Roswell story was resurrected and more books were written verifying that the actions of the parties indicated this was a big happening and a complete information shut down and denial went into force.
    Then airman first class Charles Hall comes along and finally and unknowingly puts the pieces of the puzzle into perspective because he was never sworn to secrecy and only allowed to be alone while performing his weather observer duties it gave them grounds of deniability to any of his observations written over 20 years after the fact.
    Why do I believe Charles? As former USAF, he has all the language and experience that I totally relate to. He is naive but also houses a brilliant mind that one does not immediately realize and his memories of the experience is very detailed, perhaps too detailed except it all makes sense.
    this project would in my estimation would have been above top secret and the USAF was in complete charge of the operation. A 4 star general and his entourage was totally involved in this “tall white” project that Charles observes second hand except on one occasion, where in the dark a general thanks him for making his 4th star possible by his interaction with this group as a token weather observer who has not panicked but has allowed the human interaction to go to the next level. (Does anyone realize how impossible high level officers colonel and above speak with a peon airman? Never happen- Only something beyond imagination would this ever occur and Charles has become more than they ever realized an important cog in the human and government relationship that has the potential to unlock secrets of science to another dimension of progress.
    These people are traveling faster than the speed of light, which is impossible to known science?
    Charles has a great religious belief system as a practicing Roman Catholic which he is not shy about. He has donated his books while in Rome to the Vatican and received a special thank you note from the Pope’s representative (because they know it is true and it also has tremendous ramifications within the church which they are slowly addressing by accepting intelligent life as a possibility to prepare for this revelation).
    I recommend “Millennial Hospitality III” for interested people to read. It can be downloaded from Amazon for about 4 dollars and is worth the read.
    It is interesting how the Air Force when they realize how important Charlie is to their project, attempt to bribe him by offering him a scholarship to the Air Force Academy and reassignment to Indian Springs and fast tract to the rank of Colonel. When he passes on the offer, they reassign him to Vietnam where he is assigned a risky front line unit and somehow survives being killed. That would have solved a big security problem for the government but under the agreement, they could not be directly involved in silencing Airman Hall. Accidents almost always happen? Thank God Charles survived and the greatest story never told can finally be made public.


  6. mrnewzealand says:

    Thanks for your message Rod. I just have a hard time thinking this is much more than trying to make profit off book sales and tours. They were offended when I tried videoing his presentation. Logic would one if this story is true then it is one of the most important encounters for mankind to be shared. But making money is more important to them. So that in itself makes me suspicious. Some religious people in history have faked books to have millions of followers. I have had some strange occurrences in the desert. I think very possible it could happen. If the truth comes only with dollar signs attached like in some churches then I find it a bit hard to swallow. We live in a material world and need financial sustenance though when something like this is ONLY for money sakes, I really question.


    • Rod Butler says:

      I have been BS by many in my lifetime and only would come out to support Mr Hall if I had little doubt about his story when it is weaved into the whole picture.
      I Start by referencing the great book “Witness To Roswell” as a cornerstone to this whole subect and then invite you to checkout the presentations on Utube of “Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean” for his first hand viewing of the evidence. “Robert Lazar” is another first hand experiencer at Area 51. “David Adair” is a genius rocket builder who had a unique experience and rubbed elbows with the top men in the field.
      I am an amateur in handwriting analysis and have looked at a sample of Charle’s handwriting that shows a remarkable openness in his outward expression that cancels out any deviousness in his motivation in my estimation.
      One can also research the name “Ben Rich” former director of Lockheed “skunkworks” who before retiring said to a group of fellow scientist “we now have the ability to take ET home”?
      These references are the most salient for anyone to research.
      Also I know it is standard practice to not allow recording devices to any performances because of copywright protection and should not be the defining reason for diminishing the information.
      The public may not be ready for this information, but it is surely the biggest story since mankind walked the earth.
      I did forget to reference “Paul Hellyer” former Canadian Defence Minister who also can be researched on openness for this subject.


  7. tariq abdulaziz says:

    Don’t really believe that the only tall people spoken about in antiquity were from Sirius star system. So now everybody creating story from that one. And Osiris was black 9 feet tall.


  8. Jose Pena says:

    Since I was a child 8 years old, I wondered about the Roswell incident, I use to say if I live to be 51 I will find out. Well I’m way pass that age and still din’t find out but I’m almost completely convinced that the incident was true
    ET was there, and this fellow is very sincere to me. God Bless him.
    However one comment he made about the tall whites has me wondering about their personalities, is that they wonder why we don,t kill those animal inferiors to us cause they do, is that what they have in mind see us as animals inferior to them, inferior intellectually we are but are we animals to them.

    Anyway is just a question I ask myself, I like to see an answer.
    God Bless us all.


  9. Rod Butler says:

    From what I gather Jose from Charles’ books, is that there is a mutual benefit for both parties in this agreement. The tall white’s need a reliable base to supply them with materials for their travels to other worlds and of course our military needs the technology provided to keep the US superior to all threats and I am sure some of this technology has trickled down to the huge technology advances we see today.


  10. Thomas Sohayda says:

    I wonder why nobody ever mentions Charles Hall in the extraterrestrial community. The story he tells is far more fascinating than his books. I havent heard of anyone challenging his credibility or call him out on any part of his recounts and the fact he didnt fake or hide any of his credentials that put him where and when he says he was is on the level and comparable to Bob Lazaars story. They both dont seem to be interested in cashing in on what they experienced either.


    • Rod Butler says:

      I think a massive brainwashing is going on with the media having an almost hands off position on this subject. Our governments are certainly complicit. The recent establishment of a new military service called “Space Force” should raise suspicions of something going on out in space to justify a complete new service.


  11. Johnny says:

    I have had my own face to face
    Contact with a Greys child several
    Years ago. This man Mr.Hall is telling
    The truth, if I had not my own personal
    Experience, I would be saying
    Mental case, but I know it’s true.
    Disabled us Veteran


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