Haunted Man

One might ask why I call myself the haunted man. Here are some E.V.P. samples obtained from an overnight sound activated audio session in my bedroom in early 2011 recorded after 12.30a.m. Forgive the snores. I had been seeing a lot of spirit light movements in my room. I also had heard voices talking around me when I would lay down at night. I knew if I ran a digital audio recorder overnight that I would capture their voices. These are some of them. I have no idea what caused the sharp increase in activity at the time. A word of caution about recording activity in your own home that it can ramp up activity or even investigators coming over to record and contact spirit forms in your space can do the same. I have dealt with spirits and ghosts all my life and can deal with most trouble makers. Though most are decent. People often fear that something unknown is evil. I live in an apartment complex. Some voices are too high in tone to pass through thick walls-these are not my fleshy neighbors. NOTE: Profanity Warning. Best listened to with headphones.

Also attached is a recent unedited short clip from my “Black Sky Project” documentary in progress (October 2013.) Even doing non spirit work I capture their voices (captured with a Rode video mic.) Now one voice at the very beginning sounds like me and could be. There are two short EVPs in this. One says “Please Please” very fast (my daughter thought it could be her.) The other around the 47 second mark is strange…I’ve captured another similar E.V.P. at Foxridge Park in Henderson, Nevada.

  1. […] Separate sample of EVP’s one night in America-listen with headphones (warning profanity): https://hauntedman.net/2013/11/08/e-v-p-time At home we would sometimes see this white apparition staring through the window at us and then […]


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