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I took my kids and girlfriend up to Rachel, Nevada recently. Flew my Phantom quadcopter up on Groom Lake Road leading up to the main gate. This could be dangerous and illegal considering the locale. I don’t recommend doing this near the base. Video of the trip is in process.

You cannot see the actual base in this but it’s hell of a view of the surrounding area.




Many of you have heard of Charles Hall who worked on the formerly named Indian Springs Air Force Base in Nevada now called Creech Air Force base. He was a weatherman there and supposedly not under the same oath of secrecy as other enlisted men and women. I went to his lecture at the Clark County library in Las Vegas last week. He claims to have witnessed and met races of aliens called “The Tall Whites”, “The Grays” and “the Norwegians” there and that the military had allowed the tall whites to have a base there in exchange for technology. He wrote “Millennial Hospitality” a series of books about them, only changing some of the names etc. His wife told me to stop videoing his presentation and announced to me that there were plenty of videos on him on youtube. Gees if this is real and one of the most important messages for mankind it only comes with dollar signs attached!  As for my experiences they are freely and openly given so we all can seek the truth. I understand people seeking donations to help them get the message out.  I have seen some amazing things myself though I report on them for free and openly on the internet regardless of any ridicule.
He has a great scientific knowledge and sometimes went to pretty deep for the average person.
There were four ranges that he had access to. He said the Tall whites had the best technology.
The Norwegians kind took them 20 years (traveling 9 times the force of gravity) to travel here to Earth. He mentioned there being other fields that could be used to help in space travel other than electric, magnetic,  gravity, strong nuclear, weak nuclear such as anti gravity…  dark matter and using quarks… He has a master’s degree in nuclear physics with training in microbiology.
He saw the tall whites in the desert and would think that he was dreaming or nuts. He said seeing the tall whites crafts some 18 miles away was blinding even losing sight for half an hour after seeing them and feared permanent eye damage being out in an isolated area (sounds like the kind of energy from a nuke bomb).
He said the E.T.s are flesh and blood creatures like us and have to live by the same rules of physics, nutrition, economics, military science and logic that we do. (paraphrased)
The Tall Whites like the temperature warmer than us. The Norwegians liked it colder than us though prefer colder places than the desert. The Greys like the desert.

He also said the Roswell incident was real and was a disaster for the Gray’s as they lost a lot of children from the crashes.

He said it took him 6 months to get over his fear of the tall whites but also the new arrivals also had the same challenge of the humans on the base.
The Tall Whites when they first come here they have to prove to their generals and our generals that they wont panic and kill people as they are well armed. This was for technology transfer. The newbies would be sent to Charles to see how they coped with being around a HUMAN.

One has to wonder after multiple encounters with the aliens that none were photographed or filmed in any way. And with such an amazing account of continued close encounter contact that other witnesses would not come forth to support his story (maybe there were others?). I should imagine that it could not be kept a secret long. I understand some of other weathermen previous to Charles had been killed or were terrified over such encounters at the base and demanded reassignment.

I tried to get a question in on the question and answer portion of the lecture but few got the chance and his answers were long winded. I wanted to ask if any other servicemen could verify what he had seen. Wish I could have asked some questions though even afterwards the library staff was kicking us out.

He does seem sincere in what he says. Though I would say better save your bucks and see videos of him online or read the books instead as the information seemed to reiterate what was already in the books.

If anyone knows any other witnesses to the goings on over at Creech A.F.B. please contact me.

Haunted Man

One might ask why I call myself the haunted man. Here are some E.V.P. samples obtained from an overnight sound activated audio session in my bedroom in early 2011 recorded after 12.30a.m. Forgive the snores. I had been seeing a lot of spirit light movements in my room. I also had heard voices talking around me when I would lay down at night. I knew if I ran a digital audio recorder overnight that I would capture their voices. These are some of them. I have no idea what caused the sharp increase in activity at the time. A word of caution about recording activity in your own home that it can ramp up activity or even investigators coming over to record and contact spirit forms in your space can do the same. I have dealt with spirits and ghosts all my life and can deal with most trouble makers. Though most are decent. People often fear that something unknown is evil. I live in an apartment complex. Some voices are too high in tone to pass through thick walls-these are not my fleshy neighbors. NOTE: Profanity Warning. Best listened to with headphones.

Also attached is a recent unedited short clip from my “Black Sky Project” documentary in progress (October 2013.) Even doing non spirit work I capture their voices (captured with a Rode video mic.) Now one voice at the very beginning sounds like me and could be. There are two short EVPs in this. One says “Please Please” very fast (my daughter thought it could be her.) The other around the 47 second mark is strange…I’ve captured another similar E.V.P. at Foxridge Park in Henderson, Nevada.