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From being a young boy I have also had an interest in space. Though getting up there was an obvious problem. I remember going to the headmaster of the primary school I went to at Sherwood School in Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand and telling him that a neighbourhood friend and I were trying to make a spacecraft. It was funny we collected all these different old electronic parts and devices though never eventuated to anything of real substance. I recall playing with bottle sky rockets and sometimes doing some very dangerous things. I also launched an water rocket across the street. The neighbours I think were worried about me.

Now I am a paranormal investigator, semi pro photographer and graphic artist. I will be producing a documentary on a prototype weather balloon craft that I have designed and been working on since March of 2010. I hope to break the 145,590.60 ft record.

Now there is something very different about this high altitude balloon project that sets it above all the rest. Traditional only in the sense that latex balloons are being used. What makes this so different is that multiple giant balloons will be used to help with ascending higher. The more room for expansion of the balloon the more altitude it will gain. The latex eventually ruptures due to expansion stress. I am a scuba diver with going under the ocean gases compress the deeper you descend and the more air one needs to stay longer. With ascending into the heavens its the opposite with air pressure. There is another aspect which no one has attempted with this set-up in history (ahem I say no more at this point.)  The shape of the payload/s will be much more aerodynamic. No flying boxes. It has proved to be a lot more expensive than I anticipated because of the materials I am using and the sky breaking idea I have. It is named “Black Sky Project.” Now I am hoping this craft will go where no ground launched balloon has gone before. Included in the design is a solar sail. A scientist would tell me I am crazy because solar winds occur where balloons don’t go though I have an ace up my sleeve. This will be similar to NASA’s Echo 1 project in scope. I am seriously considering taking this idea to Kickstarter as it is turning out to be a mammoth endeavor. If this project does what I think it could do it will be a historical event.

I  recently attained my amateur radio license to track this craft.

Original Old Black Sky Project Intro Video

Hydrogen Balloon Test

Indiegogo Promotional Video

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In early July of 2013 we set off to the area of Fort Duchesne, Utah. After reading/hearing various stories about the famous Skinwalker Ranch a.k.a. Sherman Ranch. This is one of the top paranormal zones in the U.S.A. I just had to visit and do a weekend investigation. The property is owned by billionaire Robert Bigelow (of Bigelow Aerospace and Budget Suite chain) who purchased the land to conduct scientific observations of the bizarre supernatural activity. The previous owner and his family fled the property after experiencing a tsunami of strange appearances and manifestations of creatures, ufo’s, poltergeist and some of his own prized cattle getting mutilated (some observed). A dominant thought as to the reason for much of the activity being related to a inter-dimensional portal being on his property. Now also neighbours also report seeing some of the activity too. The hard core scientists of NIDSci or the National Institute for Discovery Science (Robert Bigelow’s team) also witnessed some of the reported phenomenon themselves. The property is still guarded by ex military security and don’t like anyone watching even from a distance on public land.
While up there we spoke to a witness (under secrecy because of their community standing) of a local giant saucer shaped UFO with red, blue and green lights that terrified many of the locals of the area and supposedly knocked out power to the area. Some witnesses first thinking there were police vehicles outside. Some people not seeing the lights suggesting the flashing lights was caused by exploding transformers. Though some saw a giant saucer craft too. That also many were struggling mentally after the sighting on February 12th, 2012.

I interviewed Larry Cesspooch of the local Ute tribe who grew up in the Fort Duchesne area who told me about paranormal experiences in the area.

Not in this video edit (I was trying to give Larry good coverage) my experiences with a strange explosion sound close to us while on a night investigation, close-up streaks of light, ghost box sessions of trapped souls also warning us of the hellish locale. Michelle being frightened by something knocking on the car window while I was doing soul work in the middle of the night in a isolated locale. I hope to return to do more observations in the near future.