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It’s official we are off to the outskirts of Skinwalker Ranch, in eastern Utah. A farmer and his family only stayed two years before fleeing after many manifestations of various phenomena including having three of his dogs vaporized after they chased a small ufo vehicle. Poltergeist and otherworldly activity also. A site also for multiple cattle mutilations (where the anus and reproduction organs have been removed with more than precision like technology). It seems that the American Indians fear this place-that it is cursed land; I hope to gain more of an understanding as to why. It appears there is a portal where other lifeforms with a similar vibrational frequency to ours come through. I have dealt with several portals though this one is very different. I know what it is like to flee your home from a unseen force-experienced that as a boy, I can understand to some extent what that is like. 
This place is just about as bizarre as it gets on planet earth (even if only a small portion of the accounts is real). One must ask why Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow who founded Bigelow Aerospace with NASA contracts would spend a huge amount of money on this ranch along with observational research equipment, and scientific and security personnel.
I will be using various protection rituals (native American and others) on the cuff of this investigation. You can find plenty of information online as to what may or may not be happening. My goal is to capture some of the phenomena digitally. Using also metaphysical approaches including respectful communication with the said entities. The equipment I will be using is classified until after the investigation.

UPDATE: Saw a lot “No Trespassing signs there… it was hard to find a spot where we would not be harassed in some form. Even being on public road was not enough… after the Bigelow Security team decided that facing us down in an SUV at their gate. They now have concrete barricides leading to the gate. They set two black guard dogs barking and running towards us until recalling them with a silent whistle. They also have giant I.R. flood lights on property which we observed from a distance away at night. More to come. Lots of footage to pour through.

A big thanks to Larry Cesspooch from the Ute tribe there in Fort Duchesne, Utah for allowing me to interview him about the area and the goings on. Also a big thanks to Michelle for helping with the videography, driving, support and for being brave in a scary place!

Modified Hack Shack Radio or Ghost Box

One of the most frustrating parts of the spirit box is getting radio station broadcasts through it. You can purchase a fast scan radio rate box to help block them out or as I demonstrate how a hack shack ghost box can be shielded from most radio signals so spirit voices are a lot clearer to discern. See the video. Note: doing any spirit communication can draw unwanted attention good or/and bad.