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Foxridge Park is located in Henderson, Nevada, U.S.A.

Recently my daughter begged me to take her on a paranormal investigation. My son could take or leave it. The only time I got to do anything near like this as a kid with an adult was when my grandfather took my brother and I to St. Andrews graveyard in Mt. Eden, Auckland, New Zealand when we were young though more for a scare than ghost hunting. It was near halloween. Foxridge Park has many children that play there in the day time hours and I have never heard of any children getting attacked there by anything paranormal. After the protection ritual we donned our ghostly gear.

At one point Shannon, my daughter called out to me exclaiming something had pulled on her necklace! At first I thought my daughter’s necklace got caught on something. She was adamant that something had pulled on her necklace. I could not see anything at the time because it was dark and we were videoing with infrared and full spectrum cameras. My daughter was still feeling pretty shocked after the experience. It wasn’t until we reviewed the footage that we could see it actually happen (I didn’t know if I had captured it or not at the time). I am more pointing to it being snagged to the camera bracket going by what sounds like the necklace colliding with the bracket though at first appearance the whistle on the end of the necklace does seem to float there for a moment but perhaps I’m wrong. Just because you want something to be the case does not make it so.  I even did a necklace snagging scenario experiment. Shannon was pulling on the string through her fingers to try to figure out what was taking place. With her slight pulling on the string should have registered some swaying movement on the whistle itself unless something was holding the whistle itself. The actual screw piece that binds the camera base to the bracket is wide and if it got wedged in the tight space there the string would not have fallen out easily.

One of the things I find frustrating with some of the paranormal shows on TV is you will hear them say “Did you see that?!” and not actually capture what they saw. I started using a full spectrum point-of-view head video camera to capture all that I see. Makes me look like a cyborg but for practical purposes it’s a great idea. One must go later at night  here when there are fewer people around-it’s quieter and less distractions. I know some think its stupid to go out at night. You have to find out around what time the reported sightings occur for one. You could say that anything experienced is a result of fear of the dark and/or imagination.

More ghost box interactions. Are the direct responses just a result of Pareidolia? Pareidolia, a phenomenon in which the human brain recognizes shapes or patterns in random images or sounds. Some time in the future I am going to take the box to a location where it is very hard to receive any radio signals.