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When I traveled up to Tonopah, Nevada in 2011 with Vegas Valley Paranormal and other groups to visit Tonopah’s historical sites, we did a graveyard cleanup and also night investigation. This is also the spot where Fact or Faked aired a show about a capture of a apparition with a SpecterCam®. Ghost Adventures also have been to the Mizpah Hotel. When I was outside the graveyard there was a small group of young females in there and heard them all scream out at once. I asked what had happened and was told that they had stones thrown at them. I wanted to go and see for myself and determine if it would happen on my watch. See the video I attached. Take notice that the lighting is terrible(back when I had poor quality infrared LEDs.) There is nothing fancy about this video just thrown in there to show a point. Not everything is paranormal and the evidence may be weighed the other way to there being a rational explanation. I was fortunate to have the same experience as they at least what seemed to be at first. There are residences close to the graveyard and you will hear voices from there being carried. Video below.