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In early July of 2012 a small group of us entered a Southern Nevada mine. One investigator (who normally conducts solo investigations) nearly gets pushed off a 20 plus foot ledge in the mine. You can hear voices over the ghost box in the mine luring this man to danger. In less than two months I witnessed this and this past weekend one of our group sensitives gets attacked and possessed for the first time ever. Had to call on some help from higher powers to release this person from the ghosts who reaped havoc. As I say at the end of my mini shows… paranormal investigating can be very dangerous. You never know what is lurking in a location. Many of the TV shows do not show how to protect yourself or at least how to help shield yourself from entities. I am talking about spiritual protection. Drama makes for great T.V. but at the risk of ones safety (and there can be physical hazards too). I don’t care how skeptical anyone thinks they are a person’s opinion based on experience can change very quickly. Even spiritual defenses may not be enough. Provoking also can be very dangerous you may just get what you asked for.

Aside from attacks on locations which could range from shoves, pinches, punches, slaps, shocks, bruises, being thrown, sudden head aches, having all your energy zapped right out of you, dizziness, burning energy sensation (like a strange sun burn feeling), becoming sick to your stomach, scratches, possessions, you start feeling emotions of anger or depression (which are out of character for you) etc. There is also the possibility of gaining an attachment. Having something follow you home is no fun. Particularly if it has ill intent. You may notice unusual sounds, voices, odors, feeling of being watched, shadows or lights that dart away. Something may touch you to try to get your attention. It may or may not be of a human intelligence. This list is not comprehensive there could be other affects too.

Out of paranormal investigations, home clearings and personal experiences. I found I had the least spirit interaction while performing paranormal investigations (this might seem strange considering what you see in my videos)..this could be a lot to do with me focusing on electronic equipment and other gadgets to notice subtleties in the environment (though I have found it a challenge to open up to energies while performing analytical tasks.) Home clearings (with a local psychic medium) put me a line with darkness and up close and personal. Both myself and others at the same time have experienced the same manifestations. Some of this you could find in a horror movie. Nothing like being in a real horror movie that you can’t wake up from. I was one of those young people you would read about in a paper or on t.v. when my families’ home was assaulted by frightening poltergiest phenomenon. Exorcists know what I am referring too. I have no doubt to powers of light and darkness. You could say that in this world there are bad people, good people with in-between so it is in the afterlife or perhaps it is psychokinesis. Dying doesn’t necessarily change your inner nature when you cross over.

I think of a man who like me was in I.T.C. communication (instrumental-transcommunication); he even made and sold his own ghost boxes and software. He at one point years into his research announced that he had never encountered anything bad like a demon etc. Well things changed and he found himself under attack including his family members. Even having his HEART affected by entities. He had to stop his work for the safety of himself and family members.  He ended up destroying his latest communication gadget. I would like to point out there are also gimmicks out there so buyer beware. I also know others similar to him including skeptical individuals who have gotten a rude awakening. They can affect your lives for better or worse! I have been part of scientific orientated teams and spiritual teams.

I talk about the importance of spiritual self-defense as one should be aware of what can happen. Not everything is bad in fact I have found the contrary in general though this is something that needs mentioning. A locations’ history can give warning to what might or might not happen.

See an example of what I’m talking about. Watch video below.


Also a less extreme example though you can hear the spirit telling us to leave (most of the time we did not hear them LIVE) Around 55 minute video. I did not know of any actual attack at this location before. One even grabs my trouser leg on camera.





A group of us including a medium and psychic will be headed to Pioche Nevada July 6-8, 2012. Some of us will be staying in possible haunted rooms 10 and 15, including moi at the Overland Hotel. So sleep might not be had. It is said that this town was as rough if not rougher than Tombstone, AZ. We will also be checking out Boothill Cemetery.

There will be some seasoned paranormal investigators and some less experienced.