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Once we have video footage edited I will post. You will see why paranormal can be very dangerous. Investigator Jason could have lost his life when invisible hands after being lured up two levels on a ladder nearly pushed him over the edge of a platform.

There are stories are hell dogs (dogs abandoned and left chained to starve to death by their owners) scaring people out of these mines. Some interesting evps were captured of a barking dog inside the mine at the beginning of the investigation. In the late 1800’s there were two Indians who stirred up havoc. One was named Queho, who was notorious for being Nevada’s first serial killer. He was virtually a wild west version of Jack the Ripper. It was claimed he murdered up to 23 people and dumped his victim’s bodies into the mine. Law enforcement never captured him and it is thought he died in his hideout cave close to the Colorado River after bones were discovered.