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Investigation night May 12th, 2012

Caught something amazing inside the saloon. Check out the mini documentary.

I have spoken to different folks about their experiences from paranormal investigations here. They all felt this old western saloon is truly haunted and with spirit life that is responsive. While this is going to be a first for me. There will be a variety of media folk here, some from the American SyFy and other network reality t.v. shows. I will be taking my ghost virgin buddy Jared here. Will he have a hair raising encounter this time?

Built early last century back in 1913 this venue has seen been witness to a violent past. A drunken miner,  Paul Coski, who was caught cheating at poker ended up being shot dead after attempting to take the doe. Bullet holes remain to this day.

Also said to linger here are the remnant ghosts of two other people Clark Gable and ‪Carole Lombard‬, Hollywood stars of the day. Clark drank away his worries while waiting for the news of his missing wife, Carole Lombard. It was discovered that she had died in a plane crash on nearby Mount Potosi on January 16, 1942, after boarding a flight from Las Vegas. As I read the history of these two it revealed to me that they had a storybook romance and marriage to boot. Clark later remarried but was interred next to Carole’s crypt after he died in 1960.

I am hoping to interview owner, Noel Sheckles or one of his employees about their experiences there. I will post a video of the event.

Update: I have contacted owner Noel and he allowed me to interview him about the goings on there.

A post note: captured something very interesting in the actual saloon, it appears to be the face of a old man. So far only one EVP captured . Though I was not intending on capturing much audio since there were well over 40 people here on location. Documentary to follow soon.