Green Valley Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Various Investigations and thoughts

Story goes this used to be a cemetery and had most of the remains removed though I haven’t been able to find any reference to this online. This is also where the bodies of two boys were found. Video post in process. It’s said a picture tells a thousand words. A video gives you a greater depth to the story. So my aim with this blog is rather than ramble on for ages. You get to the goodies quick. Videos take a lot of work to make but also are very entertaining.

Here’s a quick view(just from my IR cam footage IR= Infrared)

Thanks to Chas for putting this investigation together.

Lots of modern digital cameras have the slow speed sync where the flash will fire and freeze some action but will allow the shutter to stay open for longer (shutter drag) sometimes people might think they have caught a ghost if it catches part of a person.

There is also another face to the left of the gate on the wall. If you look close it is quite clear to see.

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