Hear Bigfoot speak (inter-dimensional audio repeated message)! Marc was invited to speak about New Zealand’s Bigfoot by reality TV stars in the USA. One celeb swears at Marc for reporting the strange phenomena associated with his Bigfoot encounter.

Marc also talks about some of the history of Bigfoot in NZ and sightings by various people including some modern encounters from people Marc has recently interviewed. Near the end of the podcast, a Bigfoot researcher comes on and talks about seeing one go invisible.

Below in a pre-premiere video I give some recent Bigfoot encounters in New Zealand. Also I talk about some recent ITC communications from another civilisation that shares space on this planet.

Hello subscribers, thanks for following my blog. Weird stuff happens to me quite regularly (in my research) and it’s even greater when caught on camera, video or audio so it can be studied and dissected for authenticity. Yesterday I was doing B-roll video for my documentary and caught something very strange. Not quite strange that it traveled in a straight line from a mountainous region to sea level. A distance of about 1.2 miles in some five seconds from a mountain top in the video background to virtual sea level. That works out close to 1,400 km/per hour. About four times the fastest a bird of prey can achieve dropping vertically down upon it’s lunch. So unless a new bird that is discovered can travel supersonic speeds the bird hypothesis doesn’t fit in this case. Check out the footage here:  https://youtu.be/EablebIl90k   I have been getting comments that people can’t see the original flight path up in the high mountain area so I have called out a screen shot (below). Hopefully people will see it then. It seemed pretty obvious on my 13″ mac screen and following the direct path back though it decreased in visual size retroactively. Whatever it is not huge. So fits the acronym U.F.O. Another supporting aspect is the lack of sonic boom. I have caught multiple craft traveling faster than this and they still are silent.

I appreciate a genuine search for the truth even if I am left with egg on my face if and when I am wrong.


What is this?

This is from a zoomed in cropped picture I took when I was doing field research last year. I was reviewing my canon SLR photos and found something strange in a photo taken in a ravine where I get strange interaction. This area is closed/restricted to the general public. There are no bears, monkeys or gorillas here in New Zealand. This is a place where strange voices can be heard, footprints are found in wild, deep bush, tree knock sounds ring, bi-pedal footsteps are heard. With me on this day was the first person besides myself to go to the area, Devon who found footprints and heard singing from the area.

In this link you can hear some of the typical interaction that I get in this ravine. Headphones advised:

Next time I am back out there I will see if I can recreate the shot and see if anything could be mistaken. You can find anomalous calls, footprints and other info in earlier posts.

For historical information on New Zealand’s Bigfoot go here: https://hauntedman.net/2018/04/20/new-zealands-mighty-moehau-man-bigfoot-my-awakening/


In the below youtube podcast video I replay an itc session where I ask: was Art Bell’s death an accident? Also a report that I received, from a farmer in Taranaki, New Zealand of some kind of humanoid that broke a gate that let the cattle out. Photos included.
I also give an update on research and filming. What might potential aliens want from cow blood since following mysterious mutilations they are found drained of blood?



Are these regular New Zealand wildlife sounds (listen with headphones below)? I have had bi-pedal approaches and found varying footprints among other things here in an area restricted to the general public. Samples originate from captures on my point-of-view camera audio mic. If anyone please can identify what animal they come from please contact me. I have amplified via software. One of the sounds I heard for about 15 minutes and also heard on occasion about a year ago in the lower ravine area. Audio recorded with video on December 29, 2019 from an undisclosed research area.

The footprint video below is very close to where I caught one of the sounds




IMG_5125One of the latest strange prints found

A brief compilation of captures from the past several years doing paranormal investigating by myself or one of my team at the time.

Captures from Foxridge Park in Henderson, Nevada. The little boy ghost who is said to haunt the swing set. The Washoe Club in Northern Nevada, a place that lives up to its ghostly reputation. Where something seemingly grabbed my leg on camera. Optical illusion or not? Watch that plus the voices that yell at us to “leave” the area. Were we attacked by some kind of energy on camera? We sure felt sick together at the same time.

Discovery of an strange footprint in a wild area, restricted to the general public. Other strangeness has taken place is this area including wood knocks, bi-pedal approaches, strange voices etc.


Thanks for following me through my Facebook groups, twitter, web page and you tube channel. You know I am very passionate about answers on this subject matter and freely share my findings. I believe it affects all of us unawares. I already have interesting people to interview in this country and thus far have caught some interesting things on my cameras and audio. I believe some of this footage is unsurpassed in this part of the world but deals with ongoing situations and encounters around the globe and some of which is coming to light in the media in quite dramatic ways. My interest sparked partly due to my own encounters, most of which have not been sought after in the early days. The encounter on UFO Hill by Skinwalker Ranch launched my interest into Bigfoot and even more strange the occurrences in the years after that on the other side of the world.

The irony of going to scan to skies for UFO’s in Fort Duchesne, Utah in 2013; instead having a strange Bigfoot like encounter but then four years later doing B roll at a local historical Bigfoot hot spot capturing multiple anomalous craft doing manoeuvres incapable or any ‘known’ modern craft. In only approx. 1 min 50 seconds of recording. I believe this is beyond a coincidence! It goes a lot deeper than this.
Some of you know I am working on a documentary. This is a controversial subject and many people fear being associated with it. Those of us who have experienced some of this and similar phenomena realize there is a lot more going on. So for anyone who can afford to donate I ask you go to my give a little page and donate to make this documentary happen. The ball has been moving slowly because of lack of funds. My health has not been great either but I am determined.

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Video premieres in this weekend, hit the notification button to see as it comes out. I will be in chat. Headphones advised.
Have you ever wondered about the ghosts that might hang around active hospitals? Marc goes to Auckland hospital for emergency surgery in late 2018. On recovery in hospital he decides to do an impromptu Electronic Voice Phenomena (or E.V.P.) session with his digital voice recorder. Around 2am Marc does a session while everyone is sleeping. Marc may well be the first person to do this as an inpatient. Don the headphones and listen for the creepy voices and strange sounds…
While in hospital three of us including a surgeon saw a facet turn on and off by itself (in this hospital but not recorded at the time). Hear some strange voices as I am getting rolled on a gurney through a hallway.
Auckland hospital is one of the largest in New Zealand. The original wooden hospital preceding on site existed from 1846 to 1877. The current building has completed in 1967. During the severe Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 which is estimated to have killed some 50 to 100 million world wide and some 8,573 people in New Zealand, many corpses had to be loaded from the hospital onto funeral trains and buried in a mass grave at Waikumete Cemetery in West Auckland. Some hospital stuff also succumbed to the virus—dying in treating the sick. You can see my ghost hunt at Waikumete Cemetery here: https://youtu.be/YL5KSQ_ooYs A deathly person with turn purple and body turned black as they fell mortally to the sickness.
During early morning hours there is less chance of sound interference on the audio recorder. The night duty nurses’ station was at least two hallways away. Strange knocks captured on audio could be responses to Marc’s questions. Hear whispers of “Marc”… Listen with the doors locked, the curtains pulled and a crucifix in hand!